How Insane Are You?

"Moobs nargle nerf." "Raaaargh." "Cmon potted plant, let the repairman finish with the TV before you order me to cannibalize him." "I honestly believe that the majority of meat in MacDonalds hamburgers is USDA-approved beef." "TGI Furry Friday." "Beep beep ima Jeep." "What, me worry?"

These are all common utterances of those we refer to as the insane. But let's take a closer look at these individuals. Do they suffer from an ailment? Or are they aware of something the average man is not? Or perhaps they are simply doing it for the lulz. Whatever the case, you no doubt are here wondering whether you embody that trait. There is a certain romance about the right kind of wild-eyed mania that perhaps you see in yourself. But will this quiz verify it?

Created by: E Lunatic of Mah Profile
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  1. Do you ever babble unintelligibly?
  2. Do you ever imagine killing other humans?
  3. In the last question, did I say "other humans" quite liberally?
  4. What are you most likely to do if, for example, you walk into a room and hear someone lying while telling about something?
  5. Are you able to bend your thumb in such a way that the section connecting the wrist and palm protrudes from the hand at aproximately a 45 degreee angle, the next section is parallel to the hand, and the end section is positioned at aproximately a 90 degree angle relative to the hand?
  6. When you are absent-mindedly doing paperwork, you most likely...
  7. Do people say that you smell strange, even though you think you smell fine?
  8. Of the following, which do you consider the most attractive in the preferred gender?
  9. ...And of these?
  10. Person #1, who has wavy brown hair and wears a blue sweater, bets his friend Person #2, who has not cut his fingernails in exactly 6 days and 15 hours, that she cannot guess his religious affinity. She asks him to vocalize the numeral 10. Immediately before doing so, he smiles. Person #2 is able to guess correctly. Based on the information given, can you determine his religion?
  11. What do you think about the taste of blood?
  12. When no-one is around, do you ever gnaw on pieces of furniture?
  13. Who was the president of the United states from 2000-2004?
  14. Are you hungry right now?
  15. A mad genius is...
  16. Have you every seen an apparition? If so, which of these best describes the experience?
  17. Would you say that the following description matches your hands: Two deep lines at most joints, three deep lines on the palm with several less-deep lines in other places and very many subtler lines visible at any given point?
  18. Haw many tendons are visible on the back of your relaxed hand, discounting the knuckle area?
  19. Do those hand-related questions remind you of any of the following words?
  20. Which of the following best describes your most likely arm motion when cheering?
  21. The lunar cycle is important to your...
  22. Do you vocalize "shiftyeyes" when you have shifty eyes?
  23. Why are humans superior to animals?
  24. Are the ninjas watching you.
  25. If you were to see an average person, the best simile is that it would be like another average person seeing...
  26. Under what circumstance, furthest down the list applicable, would you be willing to kill and eat a man?
  27. In the case that that you've just gotten a life sentence for killing and eating that man, when asked why you did it, you would most likely reply...
  28. You are, in most cases, more attracted to things or people which are...
  29. Do you consider yourself to be a goth or punk? If so, do you shop at Hot Topic?
  30. "Because sometimes...even elephants need to forget."-Some dude whose name I forget
  31. If you were angry at your friends for whatever reason, you would most likely...

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