how insane are you?

there are many insane people ( like me!) out there, but how do you know if you really are insane. take this quiz to see how insane you are. if you are insane...your one of us!!!!!!

are you REALLY insane or are you crazy, not insane, or a goody goody two shoes! take this quiz to find out your insanity...lets just hope you are insane...

Created by: ashton of youngersk8erz
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. when was the last time you flicked a pencil across the class?
  2. when you walk, do you...
  3. the highest thing you have jumped off is...
  4. in one word, what would you discribe your self as?
  5. pick a symbol
  6. pick an element
  7. your friends think you are...
  8. last question...did you like the quiz?
  9. ok...this IS the last question!...what is your favourite coulor?
  10. what is your favorite colour
  11. for real this time, last question, what is your favorite candy?

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Quiz topic: How insane am I?