How Kyle are You?

There are many antisocial, maniacal sloths, but few true Kyles. Kyle is, after all, quite exceptional. Who is Kyle? Kyle is someone who has an extraordinarily ineffectual mind, considering his relatively high intelligence, is unable to solve the problem of how to save the poor cows, and sees the world through an entirely disagreeable point of view.

Are YOU Kyle? Do you have the darkness of soul to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now, you could only wonder. But, thanks to this great quiz, in just a few moments, you will find out

Created by: E Lunatic

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  1. Which is the best programme?
  2. Who's the better deity?
  3. About how many times, per each instance of you hitting someone, do you warn someone that you will or ought to hit him or her?
  4. Let's say your buddy is called Jack Templar. Do you refer to this person as:
  5. Did you scoff at the stupid name?
  6. It's 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Which of the following are you most likely wearing?
  7. Would you describe yourself as a man of many contradictions?
  8. Are you more apt to:
  9. Do you express agreement by going, "Mhhhm," and gesticulating?
  10. Do you express your belief that something is absurd by going, "Pffmpt," and widening your gaze, then turning away?
  11. Would you rather:
  12. Would you rather:
  13. Which of these best fits you?
  14. Who would win in a fight?
  15. Are you struggling to maintain the willpower to check these 17 boxes?

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Quiz topic: How Kyle am I?