everyone secretly wants a zombie outbreak and many have given it serious thought some people are incredibly gifted in the art of survival which is not easily learned i wonder if YOU could survive

can YOU survive a zombie apocalypse many have dreamed of being in such a situation but not everyone is capable so when the outbreak occurs and it will you need to know if you're ready and these specially designed questions will let you know

Created by: josh stevens

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how populated is it in your village/town/city etc..
  2. any combat experience
  3. ranged weapon expertise
  4. how fit are you
  5. how prepared are you for a zombie apocalypse (it makes no difference whether you own a rifle range or live in a box you have to be prepared)
  6. which one of these best describes you
  7. you have just heard of a strange disease discovered in another country what do you do
  8. its been a week since the disease has been around and now other nations have the disease too its being regarded as dangerous what do you do
  9. the disease has spread to over 60 percent of the world local area but despite your best efforts you still know very little about them at the moment you only have your own two fists and your closest childhood friend what is your first move
  10. you have been sheltered at a police station for the past five days and still have a healthy supply of food you can last around another 3 weeks among you is your childhood friend, an elderly lady in her sixty's, a 14 year old boy and a 24 year old policemen who is new to the currently have a pistol with 4 bullets, two baseball bats and a long pole with a metal hook on the end. who do you give what role

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