Would you survive a zombie outbreak?

Let's set the scene. You get home, turn on the T.V and settle down. The news is on. Turns out a horrific virus has escaped a test lab and is quickly spreading, turning its victims into blood thirsty cannibals!!!!

You switch of the T.V and weigh up your options. Everything counts, including your age. It's time to take action. What are your chances in this man-eat-man world???

Created by: Gemma
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  1. Do you drive a car or ride a motorbike?
  2. Which of these statements best describes your running skills?
  3. How many of these potential weapons are available now in your home? - A serated knife - A pair of scissors - A screwdriver - A hammer - A pitchfork - A rake - A crow bar...
  4. How many of these under-rated items are currently in your house? - A First Aid kit - Duct tape - A lighter - A long thick rope - A can opener - A pack of playing cards - A torch...
  5. You're heading out to an abandoned shop for supplies and are bound to meet a few blood thirsty cannibals along the way. Which weapon do you reach for first?
  6. Which of these lists most sums up your wardrobe?
  7. Which of these best describes your living arrangements?
  8. Which pet do you own?
  9. You are barricaded in your house - there's a banging on the door and a deep voice calls out for help. What do you do?
  10. Do you have any children?
  11. Which of these vehicles would you be most likely to steal to get away from the zombies?
  12. How many of these hobbies/skills are you competant at? - Swimming - Darts - Archery - Martial Arts - Boxing - Wrestling - Shooting...

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