Do you know the musical Wicked?

Do you know this musical? Try it and see. Its a classic so not many people may know it. But people like 30 years old may know it. So kids ask your parents if they know this. Chances are they do. I'm 15 and I know the musical by heart I'm always singing to it.

Also check out Les Misrables. This musical is a bad time in France. Your parents may also know this too. So good luck I also am making the Betrayed parts. Also many other things. Sooooooo take the quiz now.

Created by: Mihilo

  1. What is this musical basied off of?
  2. Who is Alpaba?
  3. Who is Glinda?
  4. Why is the wicked witch of the west labled evil/wicked?
  5. What is the frist song on the track which tells everyone that Alpaba is green?
  6. Which song does Glinda decide to help Alpaba?
  7. When does Alpaba relize that the wizard hates her because she tries to be good?
  8. Who is Alpaba in love with?
  9. Which song does the teacher die?
  10. In the song "No good deed" what is Alpaba trying to do?
  11. Who mourns the death of Alpaba?
  12. Who was this person to her?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the musical Wicked?