The Extremely Hard Musical Theatre Quiz

Do you know a lot about musical theatre? Then, come try your luck at this quiz! It should be pretty hard, but if you find it easy, then sorry for the misleading title. Still, I'm sure there are one or two question none of you will get!

Apologies for any bad grammar or spelling. Also, if you catch a mistake of any kind, please post it in the comments so I can fix it posthaste. Now, break a leg!

Created by: Abby

  1. In "Hair," what semester is Sheila Franklin in at NYU?
  2. What musical includes the line, "Life in living color, let me take you for a ride?"
  3. What song is entirely cut out in the school version of "Rent?"
  4. What musical has songs titled "Dawn of Anguish," and "The Well?"
  5. In "Sweeney Todd," what tune does Mrs. Lovett play to drown out Toby?
  6. What musical features a crossdressing man who calls someone a "flowerpot?"
  7. Which is the correct lyric from "The Scottsboro Boys?"
  8. What musical won the 2011 Tony Award for "Best Musical?"
  9. In "Hairspray," what gender plays Edna Turnblad?
  10. What musical includes "The Song That Goes Like This?"

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