How well do you know Musicals?

Musical Theatre is an art. It requires knowledge and power. Strength and resistance. Singing and Dancing. Without those qualities one would fail on stage.

There are MANY people who know their Musicals. DO YOU? After you take this quiz you will know if you can stop the beat or mourn the wicked. Take this quiz and test your power.

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  1. What are the names of the 2 main characters in Wicked?
  2. Which cat in CATS went to the Heavyside Layer?
  3. In The Music Man, what is the name of the Mayor?
  4. What is the name of Tracy's mom in Hairspray?
  5. What is the act 1 finale of Legally Blonde the Musical?
  6. How does Evita end?
  7. Who sings I Dreamed a Dream in Les Miserables?
  8. What is the signature piece in Phantom of the Opera?
  9. How does the Baker's Wife die in Into The Woods?
  10. What musical has the hit song I Am What I Am?
  11. What was the first Disney Broadway show?
  12. Who was Maria in the original broadway cast of The Sound Of Music?
  13. What Dreamworks movie was recently seen on Broadway?
  14. Final question, which show won the 2010 tony award for best musical?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Musicals?