The HSM Club Musicals Quiz!

This is a simple quiz, where it tests your Musical knowledge, but only the best can succeed, because you gotta... BOP BOP BOP, BOP TO THE TOP! So are you the best?

Do you think you can take on the quiz. Well click ahead and see... can you win in the audition? What are you waiting for... Do it! Why are you still reading this, you're wasting valuable seconds of your life...

Created by: Tom Oakley
  1. In Hairspray, Run and tell that: Who sings "I'm tired of covering up all my pride".
  2. In HSM2 what is the number on Troy's basketball shirt?
  3. In Grease what is the first song?
  4. What is the cause of Tracy's first detention?
  5. In HSM2 what season is it?
  6. In Grease what time did Danny and Sandy stay up past in Summer Nights?
  7. In Hairspray who plays Tracy's mum?
  8. In HSM1 what is the name of the winter musical.
  9. In Grease who plays Sandy?
  10. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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