How well do you know modern Broadway musicals?

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Are you a true modern Broadway musical genius? Do you know everything there is to know about new Broadway musicals like Wicked and The Book of Mormon? Try this quiz to find out!

This short quiz covers musicals like Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Legally Blonde, Seussical, Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins, The Lion King, Rock of Ages, and a few more! After the quiz, please make sure to rate this quiz and post any comments and suggestions! Thanks and enjoy the quiz!!

Created by: carcarashash1

  1. In the musical Wicked, what is the name of the Wizard's main flying monkey? (Hint: Elphaba takes pity on him and tries to save him.)
  2. In the musical Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is part of the legal team for Brook Wyndham. During the song "There Right There", what is the name of the witness testifying that he had an affair with Brooke? (Hint: Is he gay or European?)
  3. In the musical the Book of Mormon, two young Mormons are assigned a mission to Uganda. One of these boys, Elder Price, is very disappointed by this because he really wanted to go somewhere else. Where did he want to go?
  4. In the musical Hairspray, what is the name of the brand of hairspray that sponsors the Corny Collins show? (Please note that I am referring to the musical version, not the movie version.)
  5. In the musical Avenue Q, what is Rod's favorite book?
  6. In the musical Seussical, what is the name of the judge in "The People Vs. Horton the Elephant"?
  7. In the musical Mary Poppins, what is the name of the shop Jane, Michael, and Mary visit in the song "Supercalifragilcaisticexpialidocious"?
  8. In the musical the Lion King, what are the names of the three hyenas who sing the song "Chow Down".
  9. In the musical Rock of Ages, who is the narrator?
  10. In the musical Billy Elliot, what dance company does Billy audition for? Please note that I am referring to the musical not the movie.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know modern Broadway musicals?