How well do you know Shanklin Theatre?

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How well do you know Shanklin Theatre? So you think you know your "Luvvies" from your "Thespians" Take this quick quiz and find out how good you are, genius or just average? This will sort the "Actors" from the "Amateurs!

How Shanklin Theatre Savvy are you? we have some great questions for you, all just for a bit of fun! Come and find out just how good or not so good you really are!

Created by: Michael Beston of Shanklin Theatre
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  1. Shanklin Theatre was not originally built as a theatre, do you know what the original building was constructed as back in 1879?
  2. In 1884 new rooms were added, the Reading Room and Amusement Room. The Amusement Room had two billiard tables and was managed by the Shanklin Chess Club. How much were visitors charged to use the Reading Room?
  3. In 1913 the Council ordered that the words "Institute" be erased from the building, it then became the what?
  4. In 1925 a serious fire occurred which seriously damaged the Institute, but not the Town Hall. £13,000 was used for it's reconstruction. In what year did the new Town Hall and Theatre re-open?
  5. During WW2 the theatre was used for dances and many other kinds of entertainment. The Theatre was seated but when it was used for dancing, the staff would push all the seats to the side or under the stage to leave a large expanse of dance floor. How many seats did the theatre have during this time?
  6. In the basement of the theatre is the lower town hall room, this was used for meetings and as a bar until about 2005. Behind the Bar is a large room which is strengthened by large steel girders to safeguard users in case of bombing. What was this room used for?
  7. After the war the theatre came into its own with the Barry O'Brien Company putting on repertory plays every week of the summer season, and on Sundays there would be concerts shared with what other nearby building?
  8. From the 1970's Shanklin theatre was the base for what local amateur group? They would perform Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas and other Musicals. The group still performs at the theatre on a regular basis.
  9. Did you know that scenes from the film "That'll be the day" starring David Essex were shot on location at Shanklin theatre? In what year was the film shot?
  10. Did you know that Shanklin theatre is built over an old what?
  11. In what year did the Isle of Wight Council announce that they were considering closing the Shanklin theatre?
  12. In what year was FOST (Friends of Shanklin Theatre) formed with the primary objective to support and maintain the theatre for the use of the Community?
  13. Since the re-opening of the theatre, the Friends have produced shows, organised Prize Draws, attended various Fetes, Summer Garden shows & Festivals to raise money for the theatre's restoration funds, how much money has been raised so far?
  14. In what year did The Friends of Shanklin Theatre win The Queens Award For Voluntary Service?
  15. The Friends of Shanklin Theatre always welcome help and support, how much is it to become an Adult Friend member?
  16. Our famous "Best of the West End" music show is probably one of the most popular Summer stage shows, how long does the show run for?
  17. Shanklin Theatre is celebrating a milestone Anniversary this year, how many years has the theatre been open?
  18. What famous Island Ice Cream producer & film director, playwrite & screenwriter family are Patrons of Shanklin Theatre?
  19. In what year was our new Matrix seating system installed creating over 720 luxury seats?

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