Musical History-Overview (Hard)

For those who play an instrument and are very advanced in level, I present to you this EXTREMELY LONG ( Seriously.) quiz on composers from the Baroque era to the Twentieth Century period.

For those who are discouraged easily, have a very short fuse or get tired easily, I suggest you not take this. But those who wish to, feel free. Find out your knowledge of composers throughout the centuries. Good luck.

Created by: Kakipi

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  1. Let's start with a random question: Are kettledrums pitched or non-pitched?
  2. Approximately when did the Baroque era begin and end?
  3. From which word did the French term 'Baroque' emerge from?
  4. About how many violin concertos did Vivaldi write?
  5. What does 'Le Quattro Stagioni' stand for?
  6. What was Bach best known for?
  7. How many voices did Bach's ' Fugue in C Minor' have?
  8. What did Handel form in 1720?
  9. In what form was the Hallelujah Chorus ( Messiah) composed in?
  10. Approximately when did the Classical era begin and end?
  11. In what style were works of this period being referred to as?
  12. Name the three major sections of the sonata-allegro form in order.
  13. Where, specifically, was Haydn born?
  14. In the 'Emperor' String Quartet ( Theme and Variations), which variation has the cello playing the theme?
  15. Did Mozart's 'Clemency of Titus' impress audiences in Prague?
  16. How many movements did 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' originally have?
  17. How many operas did Beethoven write?
  18. What did Beethoven do to the Minuet and Trio?
  19. Approximately when did the Romantic era begin and end?
  20. Which form was the most popular in th Romantic period?
  21. Who taught Schubert how to play the violin?
  22. How many singers for 'Der Erlkonig'?
  23. Hector Berlioz won the 'Prix De Rome' with an oratorio. True or False?
  24. In 'Symphonie Fantastique', a young musician with a vivid imagination poisons himself with opium. The drug is not strong enough to kill him, but instead puts him into a deep sleep. His emotions and memories are transformed into musical notes and melodies. The woman he loves also turns into a recurring theme which is also known as...
  25. What did Chopin die of?
  26. What is the nickname of 'Polonaise in A Flat Major'?
  27. Finally, an easy question!: When was Bizet born?
  28. How many people are seduced by Carmen?
  29. ( Tired yet?) Approximately when did Twentieth Century music emerge and end?
  30. Debussy won the Prix De Rome with what?
  31. 'Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune' was based on whose poem?
  32. Igor Stravinsky and Sergei Diaghilev collaborated many times. True or False?
  33. 'Petrushka' tells the story of three puppets: Petrushka, the Ballerina, and the Soldier. True or False?
  34. Leonard Bernstein studied at the New England Conservatory of Music when he was __ old?
  35. Who was the lyricist for 'West Side Story'?
  36. Has Alexina Louie died yet?
  37. What did Louie compose for Expo '86?
  38. It's the end. Are you happy?

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