Do you know Bye Bye Birdie?

This quiz is about the musical Bye Bye Birdie! I have acted in it at my school so I have lived through it! I know everything there is to know do good luck!

Do YOU know Bye Bye Birdie? Well within a couple of minutes you will find out. I will ask you some simple trivia about the musical and you will answer them! Good luck!

Created by: flibber

  1. Who is Kim's steady?
  2. Who was nagging Albert to leave the music business and go to college?
  3. How many times did Conrad Birdie appeal to the draft?
  4. What show did the Macafee's appear on during the song 'One Last Kiss'
  5. Why did Albert Peterson go to college at the end?
  6. Who didn't approve of Rosie?
  7. How did Rosie pick Kim's name out of all of Conrad's fans?
  8. Who got engaged at the end?
  9. Who did Mrs. Peterson call Sonny boy?
  10. Did Kim ever kiss Conrad?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Bye Bye Birdie?