How well do you know Bye Bye Birdie

Welcome to my Bye Bye Birdie Quiz! This is a quiz all about Bye Bye Birdie. Most of it is about the story of Bye Bye Birdie and some of it is about the history.

After playing Albert Peterson in a local production I knew the show from the song lyrics to the lines to the plot very well. Do you have what it takes to know the show as much as I? Take the quiz to find out.

Created by: Charlie

  1. In the original Broadway production, how many sad girls are there in "Put on a Happy Face"?
  2. Does Conrad ever kiss Kim?
  3. Who does Rosie sing "What Did I Ever See In Him" with?
  4. What is Conrad's first spoken line?
  5. What song does Gloria Rasputin tap dance to?
  6. What is Penelope's last name?
  7. What type of vehicle does Mae say she was on when she was on her way to Sweet Apple?
  8. Who normally sings "One Boy" with Kim
  9. What is the Mayor's Wife's name and who is their daughter?
  10. According to Mr. Macafee, who is the tracer of lost persons?
  11. What is Albert's middle name?
  12. What are the 5 things Albert compares himself to in front of Rosie?
  13. Before Chita Rivera came, what was Rosie's last name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Bye Bye Birdie