Vampire Diaries : Lexi quiz.

This quiz is about Lexi, an old vampire in Vampire Diaries which is a show adapted on L.J. Smith's book. She was amazing but she die quickly, we saw her only in one episode.

Are you a genius ? Did you watch carefully the episode ? How well do you know Lexi ? She was so awesome ... a really good vampire. We are a lot who love her !

Created by: Coralie of Facebook
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  1. Lexi's boyfriend is :
  2. She appears in the episode :
  3. Freaks shot her with how many wood bullets ?
  4. Lexi wants to .... [Katherine], because she is a .... !
  5. Lexi's ring is .. year old.
  6. For her, Damon is the ... part of a vampire.
  7. She's ... oldest friend.
  8. She tells us that ... jumped naked in Trevi's Fountain.
  9. How did she reacts when she saw Elena for the first time.
  10. Lexi asks Stefan :
  11. Which is the nickname that Elena gave to Lexi ?
  12. Lexi is ... year old.
  13. Who murdered her ?
  14. She played by :
  15. She drink animal blood, like Stefan only .. weeks.

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