Vampire Or Not?

This is basically a quiz to where I can find the wanna-be vampires and the real ones. See, I'm a vampire and I hate posers. So answer truthfully, and tell your friends about this quiz!!

Are you a vampire? Do you know things about vampires? If you are one, don't take this quiz. But, if you wonder about it, if you think that maybe you are, then this quiz is for you.

Created by: Vamp14
  1. Do you like going out at night?
  2. Are you really pale?
  3. Do you burn slightly in sunlight?
  4. Can you see well during night?
  5. Do you like graveyards?
  6. Do crosses hurt you?
  7. Are you really fast?
  8. Are you stronger than usual?
  9. Can you eat human food?
  10. Do you drink blood?
  11. Can you step in a church?

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