Full Vampire, Human, or Fledgling

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I like the concept of vampires so whatever you get good luck with it. Answer truthfully, stay truthful. The odds of this quiz are very hard. Pick the right answers.

The thing with this quiz is there's no sure answer. You need to choose answers wisely and truthfully. There are good vampires and bad ones. Full vampires are mostly bad.Or could be good.

Created by: Scarlett

  1. Are you fast?
  2. Can you fly?
  3. Do smell blood and get hungry?
  4. Have you drank human blood?
  5. Do you get cold all the time?
  6. Do you have unusually long canine teeth?
  7. How are your nails?
  8. Do you like the dark?
  9. How's the quiz so far?
  10. Finally we get to the most important question...Do you believe in Vampires?

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