Are You A REAL Vampire? (ACCURATE)

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"You can't change your nature. You can't contain it, you can't shift it. You can only be what you are meant to be." Alright, so we've determined that real (mortal) vampires exist...but what exactly makes for a real vampire? Bear in mind, we're NOT talking about undead, shiny, immortal vampires such as one might find in fiction...rather, real, living vampires (psychic and blood) are all around and more normal than one might expect.

Just take the quiz, answer very truthfully and we will see whether you truly are a vampire. Also please take my next quiz "Do You Really Know Everything About Vampires?"

Created by: Kish
  1. Answer the following questions as true or false, here we go...
  2. You have a nameless craving that can never quite be fulfilled
  3. People you get close to tend to become tired, weary and upset a lot around you
  4. People tend to find you interesting at first, then begin to avoid you
  5. Even when surrounded by others, you always feel alone
  6. Sunlight/bright light in general hurts your eyes (but you can go out in it, even so)
  7. You tend to be a night person by nature (because you may feel more comfortable and "alive" at this time)
  8. You don't get sick often, or if you do, the maladies are often strange or severe
  9. You are a fast healer
  10. You have drank blood before or would like to, if you could
  11. Electrical appliances and you don't generally tend to get along well (watches stop often, computers malfunction for no reason, microwaves start up by themselves, etc)
  12. You are very sensitive to sensory extremes (strong scents, rough textures, sour tastes,etc
  13. You feel you don't belong in this century, maybe even this world
  14. You believe in reincarnation and maybe even have had past life visions
  15. Your dreams are often extremely vivid and sometimes result in cases of deja vu
  16. You posess an ability similar to ESP (or are highly intuitive in general)
  17. You easily "trance out" or find yourself detached from the world
  18. You can see and/or read auras
  19. Animals tend to get along well with you
  20. You have only one or two friends/lovers who really understand you and whom you get along with
  21. When you will things to happen, they usually do
  22. You can often easily tell how other people are feeling
  23. This quiz may seem long but it is an accurate probability of you being a vampire. To find out how much you really know about real vampires, take my quiz that is right after this one "Do You Really Know Everything About Vampires?"

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Quiz topic: Am I A REAL Vampire? (ACCURATE)