How Vampireish are you?

Some people think that they are Vampires. Some people think Vampires just don't exist. There are real Vampires in this world... but they aren't what you see on television.

Thats why I made this quiz. To see if people are real Vampires. I know you might think I am a total weirdo, but i'm not. Now, are you ready to take the quiz? Take it to earn your immortality!(I am just trying to make it sound cooler than it is.)

Created by: Vivian
  1. First Question. How does Garlic and Onion soup sound to you?
  2. They ask you this on every quiz, right? Whats your favourate colour?
  3. Your mom: "Hey sweety! Come on outside! Its a nice sunny day and its all warm and everyone is outsideeee!!!!!!" You:
  4. When your Auntie or some other elder says "Oh.. you look so cute!!!" you say...
  5. You feel like doing what in question 6? (I mean after you are done saying __________________ then you...?)
  6. Do you laugh and smile alot?
  7. Pick what you usually feel like...
  8. When your best friend goes " Hey there, _______ (your name)!! How are you!!" You reply...
  9. What do you think when your little sister makes you watch Dora?
  10. How do you dress?
  11. Okay. When you see a rainbow, what do you do?
  12. Music.
  13. Fave time of day...
  14. Do you feel tired at Night or in the Morning?
  15. I wan't to write more, but i'm tired so... last question. LISTEN CAREFULY. This is important.... OHMYGOSH!! IS THAT HANNAH MONTANAH!!!

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Quiz topic: How Vampireish am I?