Are you a music snob?

Do you think you're a true music snob? Do you, really? Or do you perhaps dread the very thought of being one? Would you like to one day attain music-snob status but have no idea how to get there?

Whatever questions nag you late at night, take this quiz to determine whether you're really as high-and-mighty as you think you are, or if you can't tell post-punk from proto.

Created by: Theresa Hegel
  1. The quintessential music question: What do you listen to?
  2. Say you're in the music magazine section at Borders. Which mag do you pop open first?
  3. Where's the most likely venue of the next concert you'll see?
  4. Don't be ashamed: Choose your favorite movie musical from the list.
  5. Speaking of musicals: After you saw "Across the Universe," you ...
  6. Who's your favorite dead rock star?
  7. How much did you pay for the new Radiohead album?
  8. And on the opposite side of the musical spectrum, how do you feel about the new Britney Spears album?
  9. The 1980s were ...
  10. And now for a very snobby question: Which Beatles track did '80s industrial outfit Skinny Puppy sample in their song "Worlock"?

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Quiz topic: Am I a music snob?