Are you a Snob?

Some people are just more materialistic than others. Some people are focused on face value, while others are not phased by that in the least. Want to find out which one you are? Then take this quiz and see for yourself!!

are you a snob, a non-snob, or are you a snob wannabe? You probably already have an idea of what you are, but take this quiz and give yourself a chance to be a changed person!!!

Created by: laura
  1. Do you shop at the thrift store?
  2. Your mom picks you up from school in ya'lls old-ass chevy. She is wearing work clothes, covered in mud from head to foot. Everyone sees you getting picked up.
  3. You won't date a guy if he is wearing
  4. Your best friend or girlfriend comes to work without make up on. You
  5. What is your first thought when you see some cute jeans on your friend?
  6. Paris Hilton has this amazing dress on for the grammy's.
  7. Do you shop at walmart?
  8. A typical setting in your house consists of
  9. You are never seen:
  10. A friend of yours has some clothes she wants to give away. She asks if you would like them.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Snob?