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  • 95% really .dont know if it is true or not but i felt really happy it was fun

    Dipanwita Jun 22 '16, 8:05AM
  • i might be a vampire, but i'm pretty sure i am, i mean, is it normal to look at every single person's neck? Is it normal to think about blood, then have someone tell you each time that happens, your eyes flash with intrest ( i am not the best at spelling )? And is it normal to want to be alone?

    TheStarryNight Jan 9 '16, 5:42PM
  • You guys won't believe it, but my name is actually Bella Swan!! My parents are Twilight freaks!!!!

    primroseeverden5 Dec 22 '15, 11:29PM
  • 33%YES i do not really want to be a vampire i just took this quiz because im stuck in bed sick that's y im not going 2 skool:*

    doglovergirl Dec 22 '15, 7:01AM
  • 100% I'm really a vampire because I have fangs,I have One Friend Named Lily, and I where BLACK ALL THE TIME. Comment Please Thanks

    kittycat555 Dec 6 '15, 3:10PM
  • 100% I'm really a vampire because I have fangs,I have One Friend Named Lily, and I where BLACK ALL THE TIME. Comment Please Thanks

    kittycat555 Dec 6 '15, 3:09PM
  • Sorry. Want to be kissed by Luke!

    TheMangle Feb 17 '15, 6:08PM
  • I'm NOT a vampire NOT even CLOSE I'm more of a werewolf. but don't worry I'm a nice one I'm only mean when your mean to me if your mean to be WATCH OUT! The sun sometimes burn my eyes beacuse we humans DUH?! This quiz has false facts sometimes! I may NOT be full werewolf but I am half human and werewolf my eyes only hurt in the sunlight but nt regular light that doesn't come from the sun.
    Thanks for reading have any PROMBLEMS? You can ask me and I will answer them if I go on this quiz AGAIN. bye!:)
    Sincerly, happytimes

    Happytimes Jan 7 '15, 8:07PM
  • I got a 95 percent guys still not surprised ladies in gentlemen.

    The Reaper Nov 12 '14, 11:48PM
  • Mother*****r I got 100% but im not surprised I been a vampire
    all my life lol

    The Reaper Nov 11 '14, 7:19AM
  • I got a 90% chance I'm a vamp so I guess people who got 85% or more are vamps. Vamp people this goes for y'all: I

    Whom I am or not Sep 1 '14, 10:24AM
  • 43% chance woah

    AmatheystShine Jul 19 '14, 12:26AM
  • hey sweetie listen i might a got 30% but i was born a vamp

    rave Jul 13 '14, 9:33AM
  • *gulp* 100%

    VampireRyder Jul 9 '14, 2:42PM
  • Your results for this quiz have been calculated and are presented below:
    There Is A 67% Chance That You Really Are A Vampire
    Remem ber, vampires are not dead, they are not shiny and they are certainly not unholy, they are just like you and I maybe just a little more powerful and supernaturally aware but we all the same nonetheless. I am guessing you really are not much of a vampire, to actually be a vampire you should have at least 85% and above in this quiz

    Ram_storm Jul 9 '14, 5:50AM
  • There Is A 90% Chance That You Really Are A Vampire

    Well, getting this high a score in this quiz could certainly mean that you are possibly a vampire, I mean its not definite, it could just be that you have the same characteristics as a vampire but not one?

    HEHEHEHEH E. People always tell me I act like a vampire. Xp

    The Red Rose Jul 8 '14, 5:47PM
  • Little big quiz. O.o

    Donotdisturb Mar 9 '14, 7:53AM

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