Are You A Real Vampire?

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Umm.. so like, I made ths quiz to rival all those quizzes that are like "Are you a real vampire?" I realised that most of those quizzes say that vampires turn into bats or sleep in the day or sparkle in the sunlight.

Two words for ya. THEY. DON'T. After you take this quiz, you'll realise what a real vampire is like and stuff. If I sound mean, forgive me, i'm just really mad right now. So yah. Hi.

Created by: Dark_Vampire101
  1. Do you like to drink blood?
  2. ^If you answered yes to the first one, I want you to stop taking this quiz right now. You have a classic case of... Reinfeld's Syndrome.
  3. Do you have unusualy pale skin?
  4. As a kid, were you the strongest, smartest, or quickest kid in the class?
  5. Do people often tell you that you look very young for your age, or that they would have never guessed how old you are?
  6. Are you extremely energetic at night but around the time the sun comes up become extremely tired?
  7. Do you tend to switch between very social and antisocial frequently?
  8. Do you rarely get sick, or when you get sick does your body recovers quicker than most people?
  9. Do you have extremely good vision in the dark? (How many times has some one said it's too dark they can't see while you were doing something like reading?)
  10. Do you tend to NOT be surprised or scared by the typical sudden loud noise in a movie or things like that because you sensed it coming?
  11. Are you sensitive to light or the heat from it? (Ranging from getting a bad headache from the glare to burning very easily.)
  12. How often does something smell so strong that you can literally taste it, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing?
  13. Can you hear a whisper from across a room?
  14. Is there a dark colored ring around the iris (color part) of your eyes?
  15. Do the words "Come on outside! It's a nice bright sunny day! Ther are a lot of people out!" seem more like a bad thing than a good thing to you, as opposed to the guy who said it to you, saying it with a big happy smile?
  16. (The rest of the questions are just going to be true/false/sometimes questions so.. hi.) Does sunlight/bright light in general hurt your eyes and head, in most cases to the point of a migraine? (But you can still go out in it).
  17. Do electrical appliances generally tend to hate you? (Watches mess up often, computers malfunction for no reason, etc).
  18. Are your dreams often extremely vivid and sometimes result in cases of déjí vu?
  19. Ya.. so like, the quiz is over now and stuff..
  20. Yah.. so like, and I hope you enjoyed it and stuff...
  21. So like, hi and stuff... and the results are coming up and stuff like that..
  22. I just did those extra questions for no reason and they didn't count. So like, your answers come now.

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