What's your vampire character

There are no vampires in our century.Or are there?Maybe there are somewher we can not see them and they rule our lives.But that is mine opinion.Yours opinion maye is different.

But if you were a vampire,and of course if there were vampires,how would you be?Take this quiz to let u know if you would be a bad vampire,who eat blood,or a good vampire,vegetarian.

Created by: marnekia
  1. Which of these names do u prefer?
  2. Which of these surnames do you prefer?
  3. Which of these identity would u prefer?
  4. Which of these do u prefer for description?
  5. Are you good,you want to be good,bad,you are playing the bad,musterious or knowing?
  6. Do u like this quiz?
  7. Do u have a lot of friends?
  8. Do u believe that u would like the results of this test?
  9. Last Question.Do u believe that u can make peoples believe u?
  10. See you soon.Are you ready for the test results?

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Quiz topic: What's my vampire character