Vampire Diaries Personality Quiz!

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Hmmmm which character from the Vampire Diaries are you? Are you broody like Stefan, seductive like Damon, Bubbly like Caroline, or just plain normal like Elena?

Find out which character you are? You'll find out by a click of a button! Are YOU shallow like Caroline? Mysterious like Stefan, Dark and Evil like Damon? Find out!

Created by: Sam.y
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your usually dress wear is...
  2. Your personality is..
  3. Do you own a diary?
  4. What beverage do you prefer?
  5. What type of Music do you listen to?
  6. Mostly used phrase?
  7. You meet a vampire.. First reaction?
  8. How to you deal with grief?
  9. Appearance?
  10. Others might describe you as?
  11. Favorite Color?

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