How Well Do You Know Anne Rice's Vampires and Witches?

There are many who claim they know all about Anne Rice's vampires and witches. However, in the end they end up walking in the sun will no ill-effect. How well do you know Rice's vampires and witches? Would you know the ingredients for your potion? Would you get burned by sunrise.

Are you familiar with the witches and vampires? Do you know their names? Do you know which witches were made into vampires. Do you have what it takes? Well, let's open Pandora's coffin and find out.

Created by: James

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  1. What was the name of the vampire that had a shrine built for the very first two vampires ever?
  2. Which vampire would be considered a "child of the millenia?"
  3. Which vampire tried to commit suicide in the Gobi desert?
  4. Who is Lestat's maker?
  5. Who is Louis's maker?
  6. Why was the witch 'Rowan' called Rowan?
  7. Which of the following individuals became a vampire after first being a witch?
  8. Which of the following was an architect?
  9. Who killed the very first male ever to become a vampire?
  10. Which skin tone is Armand's favorite?
  11. When vampires get injured, they heal quickly. However, when they heal, they are a little weaker than before.
  12. No vampire ever got the chance to make a child vampire.
  13. Lasher got his name because of the sounds he made.
  14. When Lasher moved about from place to place, he left a scent. Which?
  15. Lasher was misleading to his witches.
  16. Anne Rice's vampires will flee at the sight of crucifixes and garlic.
  17. Deirdre was treatly very well by her family.
  18. Telekenesis is the power of . . .
  19. Rowan had the ability to kill others with her mind.
  20. The author of this quiz loves to read about vampirism and witchcraft in stories, but does not believe one should practice such in real life. (don't worry, you WILL NOT be marked down if you disagree)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Anne Rice's Vampires and Witches?