What type of vampire are you ?

Vampires are everywhere. From history and lore, to today's reality, they permeate every culture. It may be superstition and legends, and it may be the truth. There is a range of types of vampires: living vampires, undead vampires, and spectral vampires. Some of them become one willingly, however some are a victim of the status as a disease.

Apparently you have interest in vampires, whether you are one, or you want to become one. The following questions should be enough to discern what type of alignment you will have as a vampire.

Created by: Hideki of Hideki's gallery
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  1. Are you happy with life?
  2. Are you friendly?
  3. Do people call you weird?
  4. If yes, are you intentionally weird?
  5. Do your parents like you?
  6. Do you want to die?
  7. Let's pretend you're NOT a vampire. Do you want to be a vampire?
  8. Do you dislike garlic?
  9. Do you even think vampires are effected by garlic?
  10. Does religion have any effect on you?

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Quiz topic: What type of vampire am I ?