Anne of Green Gables - Chapters 1-8

The Bayfield Guides and Brownies are currently reading Anne of Green Gables in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the book's publication. We are celebrating 100 years of Anne and what better way to do so then by completing a quiz all about this delightful heroine.

Are you an "Anne Expert"? Why not give this quiz a try and see? This quiz is based on the first eight chapters of the book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Created by: Brown Owl of this site
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  1. Why did Matthew Cuthbert go to the train station?
  2. What name did Anne give to the place that Matthew called "The Avenue"?
  3. What is Anne's last name?
  4. What name did Anne give to the apple-scented geranium?
  5. In what month was Anne born?
  6. What were Anne's parent's names?
  7. Of Mrs. Hammond's eight children how many were sets of twins?
  8. Who did Mrs. Spencer think would take Anne in so she could help with her children?
  9. When Anne was learning how to say her bedtime prayers what did she say to end the prayer?
  10. Who did Anne hope to have for a bosom friend?

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