Rise Of The Last Vampires 1 (THE VAMPIRE TRIADS)

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This is the first part of the new quiz series, "Rise Of The Last Vampires". It took me quite a while to make this, and i even remade it, just for your satisfaction. I really hope you like it. Please tell me what you think in the comments, i would really appreciate it...

The future generation of vampires is in danger! They are being hunted down and destroyed by enemies purely abnormal. You are one of the last to survive the slaughter. Join the adventures of the Vampire Triads, a group of the last remaining vampires, as they fight for survival and freedom...

Created by: Kish
  1. "My name is Kish. What i do, where i go, where i live or what my full name is, i can't tell you. Whatever i say may cost me my life, and the lives of my people. I'm the leader of a small group of 25 people. Well, we look like people, but we are not. We are vampires, the last to survive the slaughter which has been going on for ages. I'm the leader of the newly found group called the Vampire Triads. We search and look after the last of the remaining vampires. And you may not know it, but you are one of us. You are a vampire! I can not say much here, it is too dangerous. Follow me and i will explain further everything that has been going on. If you don't want to join us, its fine, but they will find you, and kill you..."
  2. You looked at Kish wierdly. He seemed to be around seventeen, too young to be a leader. He was quite tall, but he hardly looked like a vampire. He had black hair and dark brown eyes which seemed to hide something yet sparkle with hope. He had a warm smile which seemed to hide something dark within. You follow Kish as he leads you to a hill. Then he stopped at the foot of the the hill and looked around, "You never know who's watching" he said. Then he moved to a nearby shrub and pushed it aside. You watched in awe. There was a cave behind the shrub, you wouldn't have guessed it was there. "Follow" said Kish. You obey and walk into the cave. Kish then pulls the shrub back into place, probably hiding the cave from the outside world.,.
  3. You looked around in amazement. The cave was well lit, and every 20 feet, there were watch towers. You glance up, on the watch towers. There stood about 2 or 3 vampires, armed with spears and bows and arrows. They were obviously guarding the cave. "Welcome" said Kish. "To Vampire Triad's Headquarters". You follow Kish as he led you towards the end of the cave. As you passed a corner, you heard the sounds of training. They actually trained. This was more serious than you thought...
  4. "Now" said Kish, "We are not going to waste much time. You are going to start training today, now, and as you proceed you will know what is going on. Allow me to introduce you to your trainer". You see a girl coming towards you. She seemed your age, but she was definately experianced, no doubt. She had light brown hair and light blue eyes. She was really fit, you could tell from her body. "This is Racheal" said Kish. "She will teach you the basics of fighting and also explain to you what is going on. I must leave now, Racheal, take over from here". You watched as Kish left. "Theres no time to waste" said Racheal, "come with me".
  5. You follow Racheal. "so are there other new vampires besides me?" you ask. "Yes" replied Racheal. "10 new vampires, including you. Here they are, i'm sure you will fit right in". You seemed to be in some sort of training room. There were 7 boys and 2 girls already there. There was a table full of weapons and armour. It seemed the vampires didn't use guns. "Alright listen up, all of you" shouted Racheal. "You have all been brought here for a reason. For your safety. Right now, all you know is that the vampires are being hunted down. Now is the time we revolt. Let me introduce you to your first training, and i want you to train with everything you have got, because when you fight the enemy, you on your own..."
  6. "Behind you are the available weapons and armoury. Take what you can, and you stick with those for the rest of your life." said Racheal. You rush to the weapons crate and grab a bow and some arrows. Then you go to the armoury crate, and all that was left was a helmet. You put on the helmet. "Very good" shouted Racheal. She walked towards a cage. "Here is your enemy" she opens the cage door, and out walked a huge grizzly bear. It eyed everyone hungrily, then charged at a nearby girl. "Quick reflexes" shouted Racheal, "We are naturaly fast, dodge the bear, imagine yourself moving with a trail of white light behind you." the girl did as she was told, and wow, she was fast, the bear got confused. You did exactly as Racheal said, and you could feel the wind blowing at your hair. You ran fast, faster than you had ever ran in your whole life, and it felt so good...
  7. "Now for your weapons" shouted Racheal. "Be one with your weapon. Imagine where you want your weapon to hit, concentrate. You there! With the bow and arrow" Racheal pointed at you. "Aim at the bear, and do what i just said". You nod and put the arrow in place, ready to be shot. You imagine the arrow hitting the bear inbetween the eyes. Then you shoot. You watch as the arrow went straight for the bear, and hit it square inbetween the eyes. The bear gave a final roar of pain, and dropped down dead. "Good shot!" shouted Racheal. You couldn't believe it. You felt faster and stronger, something you have never felt in your whole life. Your vampire instincts were awakening. For the first time in your life, you felt invincible!
  8. "But who are we training to fight against?" you asked. The other vampires looked eagerly at Racheal. "Yeah, why did you make us fight a bear?" asked another vampire. Racheal looked around and said, "Our greatest enemies so far, are a group of 6 children, alittle older than us. They human alright, but they are special. They have the ability to change into any animal they touch. Which is why you had to train with a bear. They change into absolutely any animal, and we can't tell them apart from the real ones. We have not managed to catch any of them, they call themselves, Animophers. When they change into an animal, they have its instincts, its speed, its strength and everything inbetween. This is why they are our greatest enemies. They are the most dangerous of them all..."
  9. Racheal continued, "but they are not the only threat to our clan. We have another group of enemies, they call themselves, Spider Riders. Which is exactly what they do, they ride on huge deadly spiders, they are armed with deadly weapons like swords and spears, and their spiders fight for them as well. It is very rare for us to encounter Spider Riders, but they are there and they want to stop us from expanding just like the Animophers, though none of them know of each other's existence. But we are not the only group trying to survive, there are the Werewolf Colonies, the Elven Armies, the Dwarf Brigades and there may be a few we don't know of yet. Remember, this is just the beginning, we have little enemies, but chances are, they will grow, and soon we will have new enemies to face. Its a long journey ahead of us..."
  10. Racheal had a serious impression on her face. She was about to say something, when Kish arrived. "I guess you have all trained alittle, yes?" he asked. Everybody nodded. "Good" he said, "because tomorrow, all 10 of you will be sent on an important mission, the Vampire Triads depend on you all. You probably should get to bed. I will explain the mission first thing tomorrow morning. Racheal will show you your rooms". Racheal made a gesture which obviously meant "follow me". She showed everyone their rooms, one by one, you couldn't believe how big this cave was. You were the last to be shown your room. "You should make yourself at home" said Racheal, "afterall, this is your home for a while". She smiled and left, leaving you with alot of questions but no answers...
  11. What is the mission about? And why were the 10 most inexperianced vampires chosen for the "important mission"? Was it suicidal? You couldn't think of any answer, because the possibilities were endless. You felt a slight fear. The Animorphers and Spider Riders sounded dangerous, too dangerous for you. You still wondered what the mission was about. You will just have to wait and find out, you decided, as you drifted of to sleep, not knowing what to expect in this "important mission"...
  12. Should i make part 2? Please tell me in the comments

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