which vampire character are you on the vampire diaries

there are only two vampires you can be in this quiz and thats damon and stefan salvatore so i hope youend up being like the one you want to be like but if not oh well.

if there's a certain vampire you think your like then take this quiz because then you'll see if your really like your favorite vampire on the vampire diaries or not.

Created by: marissanmeyer
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  1. would you kill humans
  2. what would you do if someone you cared about was in trouble
  3. why did you move back to your hometown
  4. how far would you go to save the one you love
  5. would you drink human blood if you had to get stronger to protect the one you love
  6. if your ex girlfriend came back how would you feel
  7. do you keep a diary
  8. if the person you loves friend was turned into a vampire what would you do
  9. how long have you and your best friend been friends
  10. why did you want to be a vampire

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Quiz topic: Which vampire character am I on the vampire diaries