the vampire diaries tv quiz

This Quiz is about the TV shoe The Vampire Diaries I did this as there is not many quizzes around about the show and far too many Twilight Quizzes so i hope you enjoy.

I hope you like this quiz i made it as i love the tv show the vampire diaries and i hope that other people who love the show will be able to answer these questions.

Created by: hayley
  1. Why did Stefan return to Mystic Falls?
  2. What is Stefan's Uncles name?
  3. Who does Elena live with?
  4. Who does Elena finish with for Stefan?
  5. Who is Elena's brother?
  6. What does Vikki turn into?
  7. What is Bonnie's secret?
  8. What is Elena's real mothers name?
  9. Who also Loves Elena?
  10. Who does Caroline turn to when she becomes a Vampire?
  11. Who is Elena's real father?
  12. Stefan & Damon first fell for Who?
  13. Who does Elena look like?
  14. What is Mason Lockwood looking for in Mystic Falls?
  15. What can Damon turn into?

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