what is your VAMPIRE name??

Well there is many people who are into vampires now because of the exclusive release of twilight and twilight saga: new moon so many people might like to see what name suits them as a vampire!!

So what is you vampire name? Do you have power to see what your vampire name is? You could just sit at your computer and wounder if you would ever have one. but give thanks to my fantastic quiz and you will find out in a manner of minutes!

Created by: morgan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  2. have you seen twilight saga: newmoon??
  3. who do you like best??
  4. what does your name start with??
  5. what colour do you like more...??
  6. what would you rather be??
  7. who should date in the movie twilight ??
  8. do you wish you were a vampire??
  9. what question is this??
  10. if you were a vampire what kind of place would you live in??

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Quiz topic: What is my VAMPIRE name??