How Well Do You Know Vampire Academy?

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This is my first Vampire Academy quiz so I hope you will like it. You can find out how smart you are in the ways of St. Vladimir's, and the Dhampir and Moroi world.

How well do you know Vampire Academy? This quiz has some pretty tough questions and some you would be able to recall easily if you read the book but give it a try!

Created by: Darciee

  1. Who does Lissa use compulsion on to get his car keys?
  2. Where did Dimitri grow up?
  3. What class does Rose have for 1st period?
  4. Who is the first classmate Rose talks to?
  5. What word does Mason use to describe Dimitri?
  6. Who makes snow fall of the top of the church onto Lissa and Rose?
  7. Who sends Rose the email: 'I'm glad you're back. What you did was inexcusable.'?
  8. Who sets Ralf Sarcozy on fire after he teases Lissa and Rose?
  9. What is Mia's last name?
  10. What is Christian's last name?
  11. What colour are Christians eyes?
  12. What happens to Dimitri and Rose when Lissa is being kidnapped?
  13. How does Rose find Lissa when she is kidnapped?
  14. What element does Lissa specialise in?
  15. Who kidnaps Lissa and why?
  16. Who says: 'No. If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.' ?

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