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This quiz is for people who have read Vampire Academy!! Come take the quiz to see if you are a fan of Vampire Academy!! If you love the book come try our quiz!

Are YOU a fan of Vampire Academy? Think you know everything about Vampire Academy come take the quiz now! If you love the book come try our quiz!!!!!!

Created by: Vamp
  1. Who wrote Vampire Academy?
  2. What did Dimitri first say to Rose?
  3. How tall is Dimitri?
  4. What school does Rose and Lissa attend?
  5. What state is their school located in?
  6. What type of vampire is Lissa?
  7. What is Lissa's last name?
  8. What type of vampire is Rose?
  9. What is Rose's last name?
  10. What color is Mason's hair?
  11. what color is Christian's hair and eyes?
  12. Who kidnaps Lissa in Vampire Academy?
  13. Who said:"Are you drunk!" in Vampire Academy?
  14. Who did Lissa date before she ran away from St. Vladimir's?
  15. Who is Lissa's cousin?
  16. What element does Victor use for the lust charm he gave Rose?
  17. What element does Christian have?
  18. What element does Lissa have?
  19. Who are Lissa's Guardian?
  20. What nickname does Rose give Dimitri?
  21. Whose killed by sun light?
  22. Who weakens the bench that Rose breaks her ankle on?
  23. Who goes Strigoi at the end of Vampire Academy?

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