What you know a vampire if you saw one?

There are many stories about the creatures that stalk the night. Many books are about them, like the Vampire Diaries, Twilight, or the Vampire Academy. I'm talking about vampires here if you haven't noticed.

Are YOU abl to spot a vampire from a mile away, or are you unobservant like most? This quiz will tell you the truth, and hopefully, you'll see just how observant you can be.

Created by: Ebillan

  1. What do vampires drink to stay alive?
  2. Which one of these DOESN'T kill vampires?
  3. What do vampires orignally turn into?
  4. Which one of these affect vampries the most?
  5. What happens if a vampire gets caught in the sunlight?
  6. What do vampires use to suck your veins?
  7. What happens if you and a vampire are looking in a mirror?
  8. What is written by Bram Strocher?
  9. Do you think vampires exist? (No effect)
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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