The Vampire Diaries

How much do you know about the vampire diaries? the vampire diaries is one of MY favorite shows so how much do you know show your true fandom and remember The Vampire Diaries is Streaming on Netflix

I wonder how many people love Vampire Diaries as much as I do! Maybe you are one of those people, and if so good luck on the quiz.

Created by: Ethan Edwards
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  1. In What Year Was Stefan Salvatore Turned Into A Vampire?
  2. How Many Doppelgangers Does Elena Have?
  3. What Episode Was Niklaus Mikaelson Introduced Into The Vampire Diaries?
  4. In What Episode Was Hayley Marshall-Kenner Introduced?
  5. How Was Elena Turned
  6. How Was Caroline Forbes Turned?
  7. How Did Elena and Jeremy's Parents Die?
  8. How Can The Originals Die
  9. What Did Mikeal Mikaelson Do For A Living?
  10. Who Was The Doppelganger Of Stefan?

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