Are You a True Dork Diaries Expert

From 2009 Dork Diaries books have been coming out, giving much needed pleasure to bookworms around the globe. Dork Diaries fans have been gathering knowledge about their favourite characters for years. Some have been working so hard and deserve the title of Dork Diaries Masters.

So, what about you? Are you a enthusiast ready to prove your skills. Or are you just a beginner wanting to know where to start. Whoever you are, this quiz is for you! So take a few minutes to find out where you stand!

Created by: A Good Friend
  1. Hi there! Let’s start easy. Who is the author of Dork Diaries?
  2. As of June 2019, how many books are in the Dork Diaries series?
  3. What role does Jessica play in the stories?
  4. What is Chloe’s full name?
  5. In Book 1, what fashion brand does Nikki say she hates?
  6. In Dork Diaries 2, what was Nikki actually looking at under the microscope?
  7. In Dork Diaries 3, what was the first activity the Maxwells did for “Family Sharing Time?”
  8. In book 4, what animal shelter was Brandon revealed to help in?
  9. Which nickname did Mr. Maxwell give to MacKenzie’s dad in book 5.
  10. Which classmate informs Nikki of the Sweetheart Dance?
  11. Who is Mr. Trevor Chase in book 7?
  12. Which two fairy tale characters are Nikki mistaken for in Dork Diary 8?
  13. In book 9, who spread the bug video and why?
  14. In Dork Diary 10, how many puppies did Nikki and Brandon find?
  15. In book 11, who were Tiffany’s best friends?
  16. In book 12, what did Nikki compare her love life to?
  17. In book 13, what did party did Nikki’s party planning book recommend first?

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