Werewolf or Vampire

Are you a vampire, do you drink blood are you a good vampire or an evil vampire take this quiz and find out. if you dont want to take this quiz then click the upper butten in the left that says back. or just skip those boaring words they are making me wright

If you are still reading this then you might want to know there is a chance your a werewolf too if you are, you could also be good or bad. or there is also the chance your a human

Created by: zaq12wsx
  1. do you like night or day
  2. Do you kill humans?
  3. where would you rather sleep
  4. what would you rather be
  5. do you like to kill innocent
  6. what would you do if someone was hurting the people you love
  7. how bad is my spelling
  8. the full moon is ...
  9. what would you rather eat/drink
  10. your favorite thing to do in you free time is ...
  11. do you hate the immortal
  12. what is your favorite color
  13. what are you scared of

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