(Intro to story. Hope y'all like it~!)

This is an intro to a story I have created. Just saying right now, this is not a true story. If it was, it'd be terrible. So yeah. I hope you enjoy it!

So... It's my honor to present a story that I have created for (hopefully) your enjoyment and entertainment. I really hope y'all get intrigued into this series~!

Created by: xMega_Absolx

  1. There's Only One Way Out of Hell... (Intro only~) It all started 4 years ago... My mother and father were coming home from work. Of course I had to watch over Jared, my brother. Of course, they usually get home late because it's an hour away, and unfortunately, we are unable to move because we are so short on money... "Kyra... Where are our parents?" Before I knew it, Jared was standing in front of me, looking as if all blood was drained from his face. His eyes were total bloodshot, and looked like there was no color remaining.
  2. As he looked over at me, I looked into the horizon. It was later than usual, and our parents were not home at all... Restlessly, I responded, "Honest, or a positive answer?" Of course, he looked over at me, dumbfounded. Then answered sarcastically, "I'm so little! Gimme an answer that is totally false! What do you think, I'm an idiot?! I'm not as young as you think Kyra. It just happened that your older by a mere 4 months." I rolled my eyes at his remark. "I really have no clue where the hell they are... " I responded. Before I continued, there Jared was, walking outside for reasons I just can't explain...
  3. I laughed, "You're serious? You still want to be CSI, don't you?" I called to him. He looked back, with a scowl on his face. "No... Trying to find..." He stopped talking, "Find what?" I interrupted.
  4. He started running, then I dashed after him myself. I tackled him and pinned Jared right to the ground. "FIND WHO?! WHO FOR HELL'S SAKE?!" I yelled. After a period of silence, he then muttered, "Her..."
  5. Uh... Hope you liked it~!
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  9. Well... Tell me if you want part two~! (If it says 100%, you do, if it's 0% it won't. That's why it'll be 100% or 0%, but you all get 100% for reading this~!
  10. Bai~! Hope to see you at the first chapter~!

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