Behind the Shadows (Part one!)

So, I decided to create a new story! If you couldn't already tell. This is a story I was inspired off by two characters I have drawn. Well, yeah. It's got stuff that leaves you hanging so... That's good.

Now, before I let you read this, I'll give you some info. The story goes between the two boys in this plot, Zeke and Oliver. This intro is in the view point of Zeke. You'll find out their info soon. Hope you like it!

Created by: xMega_Absolx

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  1. Okay. Hi. Sorry I haven't been on in FOREVER! I have started writing a story! This is a new one, not the old one. So yeah! Hope y'all like it! By the way, all the answers are zero, so yeah.
  2. Alright! Here we go with our tale! It's just the intro, but still. Hope you like it so far!!
  3. The cold air wisped on my face as my eyes continued to water. They found out and hated the whole idea. Oliver has no idea, and I'm concerned about what will happen to us... I looked on the floor as the crimson liquid puddle on the concrete ground became a mirror, staring into my eyes, possessing my soul. My bandage became soaked with blood as time continued to rush by my conscience. I looked down at my forearm and my bare leg, as a tear fell softly.
  4. Blood rushed through every cut to the floor quickly, as if it wanted to get off my pale, and now tinted red skin. The crimson puddle was expanding larger, as another puddle of my tears fell on my arm and carefully mixed with my wounds. I let out a cry as I threw my crimson soaked blade across the room. I couldn't take the pain, nor the suspense anymore.
  5. I closed my eyes and the vision in my nightmare embodied me as my heart began to race. My mother, pointed teeth, black eyed, staring at me with a bloody smile. Oliver lying on the green, now red speckled grass, shredded, killed. She written in his blood, "He doesn't love you most." as she grabbed me into a chokehold. Then my father, he looked the same, except he had blood on his clothing and splatters all over his body. His glasses were cracked, as an evil, shredded smile grown on his face and held the knife near my throat.
  6. I shook my head as I let out another cry. I attempted to get up, as my knees trembled uncontrollably. "No... Oliver is okay... He's fine. My parents aren't that crazy...Right?" I whispered to myself. My voice shook and started to stutter. Then I realized. I needed to call. Now. I took out my almost broken phone, as I dialed in the numbers. The dial tone rang and rang, as my impatience grew stronger, until, "...Hello?" Oliver.
  7. "Y-You're okay...! Oliver you're okay!" I said, as tears ran down my face in relief. "Yes, I am... Did you have another vision Z?" He asked, concerned. I nodded. "Yeah... It was awful. Now I'm bleeding and locked myself in our room." I murmured. "No. You did not." Oliver said, stern. "I-I did..." I said, trying not to cry. "Zeke. We've been over this." He sighed then continued, "I'll be right over. I'll bring my medical things. Okay?" I sniffed, "Got it..." "Now, don't do anymore to yourself, understand?" He carefully said. "O-Okay..." I stuttered. As we hung up, I curled myself in a ball, waiting for him to return, as I cried myself to sleep.
  8. Well, that's it for now!!
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