School Love Story

Well, this is the first of my little series and this one takes place in school. You know we have all been there at some point and we all hate it at some points or another, but what happens if you are best friends with the 4 hottest guys in the school? What happens when all of them want to be with you. Can you choose which one you want? Will this guy be the guy of your dreams? Which one will you choose? The kind hearted jock? The sweet nerd? The shy rocker? or the loveable and laughable guy? Since this part says that I need to have like atleast 150 words, I am at a standstill haha. Sooooo yeah I’m just going to type some random things for a while and personally my favorite of my characters is Aaron, however I am not going to be like giving him the best results for the girls who pick him or anything. Sam is a sweetheart, Zeke is awesome and Keleb is a crackup so yeah. Enjoy the quiz!

So yeah, this isn't a copy quiz it is 100% different from the Who Will Fall For You quizes. I hope you all have a lot of fun taking these quizes and I hope that you will all return for furthure quizes. I have a huge respect for the other quiz makers so there is no way I am copying them at all. Now in this quiz, this is only for you all to learn about their personalities so far. I have a big twist that will be introduced in part 2 so please come back for part 2 so that the story picks up the pace a little. In this quiz, you meet Aaron, the star soccer player with a heart of gold. Sam, the nerdy runner who always wants to make you feel comfortable. Zeke, the rocker who is there for you no matter what. And finally, Keleb, the wise guy who always likes to put a smile on your face.

Created by: lil' Tigre

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  1. What is your age?
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  3. It's a normal day at school when you remember that you have gym class next. Stopping at your locker, your friend Aaron passes you and says a quick hi. Before you're able to answer back, the bell rings and you go and get ready for gym. How do you see gym?
  4. During gym class, you of all people trip and scrape your knee outside. Aaron, seeing you fall runs over and hides a laugh. "Hey, you ok down there?" "Ugh yeah I'm fine." You respond, blushing out of embarressment. Aaron offers you a hand and you gladly accept it. You thank him quickly and he says it's no problem and runs off to the other side of the soccer field. You're thinking..
  5. Soon gym class is over and you're all cleaned up. You go to your locker after class when Aaron comes up to you. "So, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later or something? Like go on a date with me?"
  6. Whatever your answer was, Aaron walks away with a smile on his face (either extremely happy or sorta sad smile). Next up is your math class and before you enter, you see Sam waiting in the hall way for you. "Hey ______, what's up?" You tell him nothing much and explain to him how you tripped in gym and he laughs along with you. He then tells you that he hopes your knee feels better. Your reaction is...
  7. About halfway through math class, you notice Sam writing something and he then quickly passes it to you. You open it without the teacher noticing and it says "Hey, I really want you to know that I hope your knee DOES feel better. I was also wondering if you wanted to hang out this weekend a little and study for our math test. What do you say?" Taking a pen and another sheet of paper, your reply is...
  8. After math class, you give Sam back the note and he either hugs you if you said yes or just shrugs and smiles saying that he hopes to see you later then. You quickly walk over to your band class then and see Zeke working on his solo for the next school concert. You come up behind him and surprise him by saying hi which makes him jump a little. "Hey ____, how has your day been so far?" You quickly tell him about your trip in gym and he laughs a little. He then says that he wishes you are alright and then the two of you start practicing with each other. The instrument you choose is....
  9. After your quick practice, the two of you put your instruments down and sit at a few desks, just talking about life. "So, I was wondering _____. Would you like to ugh hang out with me this weekend? Like, come and play in my band?" You reaction:
  10. The bell then rings and Zeke either says bye in a really happy voice or in an alright cool voice as you walk out and head to your last class of the day,communications. You take your usual seat and take out your binder from your back pack. When you look up, you see Keleb staring at you really close. Startled a little by Keleb being so close, you push your chair back and fall backwards on your back. Keleb burts out laughing then and asks you between breaths if you are alright. Your reaction:
  11. Keleb offers you a hand and helps you up, the two of you still laughing. The teacher then comes in and you guys are forced to pay attention with Keleb making funny comments once in a while. After class, Keleb asks you if you wanted to go to the comedy club with him that weekend. Your reaction..
  12. Regardless of your answer, Keleb still smiles and yet busts on your trip and heads to his locker. It's the end of school and you head outside, noticing the four guys getting on the bus together. The major plan you are thinking about this weekend is...
  13. Alright, well that's it for this first quiz and sure it was a little boring, but I wanted to let you all know about the guys you were going to choose from. I have a pretty awesome plot for this series that I am hoping to introduce in the next part. So yeah, stay tuned and please read the Which Will Fall For You? series and the Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? as well haha I love that series!

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