Percy Jackson Love Story pt 3

Well, you've just been claimed by your godly parent! Who is it? Well, while you might take it well, others might not.....and you might just meet Love Interest #5 this time....

Will you end up with the guy of your dreams? Or will you two remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself!

Created by: Calypso1315
  1. Okay, so I bet you guys are wondering who the bloody hell your mother is. Well, judging from the comments, I think it's safe to say, that if I don't start by saying who your mother is, you are probably all going to hate me forever. I just have one request, and that is to NOT HURT ME!
  2. So here goes nothing.
  3. "All hail Violet, Daughter of Aphrodite," Chiron said. Everyone got down on their knees and bowed to you. You stared at everyone in awe. You were so happy though. You finally knew. You finally knew who your mother is! Aphrodite! The goddess of love and beauty, according to Devin, who told you after everyone got up off their knees. "And frankly, I'm not surprised. With a face like that, I'm not sure what idiot wouldn't see that comin'" he said, and you blushed uncontrollably. But sometime, you're fun and joyfulness had to end. 
  4. About a half an hour after you're claiming, the bonfire ended. As you, Percy, Devin and Cassidy got up, you heard wolf-whistles from behind you. You turned around to see to guys that appeared to be from Ares staring at you like they were Rottweilers and you were the biggest bone they had ever seen.  "Hay! Violet! Daughter of Aphrodite! You looking fiiiiine!" one of them called, and everyone in the immediate area started to laugh. So far, your first hour as Aphrodite's daughter wasn't going so well. You stared at them in disbelief. You wondered how anyone could be so disrespectful. You gaped at them, and as they were about to say something else, someone's arm wrapped around you, an guided you away from those idiotic Ares boys. "Forget them," a male voice said in your ear, "they're just jealous that all the attention was on someone else but themselves for a night." 
  5. You looked up to see who was comforting you. Percy? Devin? Grover? Luke? Answer? None of the above. You looked up into a gorgeous pair of jade green eyes. The boy comforting you, the one with green eyes, flipped his dirty blonde hair (it's that ridiculous hair cut Justin Bieber had when he first got famous.) out of his eyes, which you could now see more clearly. "A you okay, Violet?" he asked you. You nodded, feeling numb. Even though it was just one joke and laughter, you couldn't help but feel horrible. He seemed to notice this, and sat you down just outside the Hermes cabin. He rubbed your arm, trying his best to console you. He didn't say anything, he just sat there until Percy, Cass and Devin caught up with you. When Percy and Devin saw  the look on your face, they both immediately dropped to the ground and asked you what happened. 
  6. You told them, except you wondered how they didn't know, they were with you at the time. "Oh, gods! We thought you were right behind us! But when you didn't say anything, we looked around and did t see you anywhere! We went back, but thankfully, we saw you walking with Dominic here and came over as fast as we could," said Devin, looking into your eyes intently, hoping to see some emotion. But even if he did find some, that emotion was called pain. You couldn't believe how heartless they had been. You finally find out who your mother is, and they taunt you about really didn't like being a child of fact, hate for the goddess was building up like nobody's business inside of you.......
  7. You suddenly stood up. You didn't want to be comforted anymore. You just wanted to get on with your life. "Dominic, thank you," you said, giving him a smile, which he returned. You then turned to Percy and Devin. "Do I have to move in to Aphrodite cabin now?" you asked. Sadly, they nodded. "But well walk you over if you like!" Percy suggested, Devin nodding like a bobble head at his side. You laughed, and then entered the Hermes cabin to grab your stuff. When you went back to Percy and Devin, Percy started complaining playfully about how it wasn't fair for you to be claimed before him, after all, he got here before you! You just laughed at him.
  8. They stayed with you until they reached Aphrodite cabin. Then, they said their  goodbyes, promising to talk to you tomorrow. You smiled, hoping they kept their promise...When you entered Aphrodite cabin, everyone was sitting up waiting for you. When they saw you, they started to clap. "Hey, welcome to the family," one small, slender girl, with silky brown hair and eyes, said as you passed by here on your way to the only empty bed in the corner. You smiled at everyone. When they saw you had no sheets or anything, they immediately called these things called harpies, who brought you a purple comforter, two pillows, and two blankets. You nodded in thanks at everyone. 
  9. "Hi," a girl said as she walked up to you, "I'm Rose. Which is funny, cause your name is Violet," she said, twirling one of her blonde braids around her finger. You beamed at her. "Well then I guess saying 'Hi I'm Violet' is redundant now, huh?" you asked and she laughed. "Here, let me help you with that," she said, as she saw you were struggling to get the comforter firmly in place. Once everything was okay on your bed, you took one large look at the cabin. The walls were covered with pictures of handsome celebrities (You know, like, natuhleegayle?) and quotes like 'Inner beauty is like outer beauty: you make it yourself." You weren't sure if you found that inspiring or not though......
  10. "Hey, Violet! I'm Selena, counselor for Aphrodite cabin. You're gonna love it here, pun intended, FYI, (If you don't get it I understand)" said a very pretty girl with long, lustrous black hair, and eyes like melted chocolate. You smile at her. "I'm loving it here already!" you said, not sure if you were telling the whole truth, but, once you actually thought about it, you didn't care. You just wanted to go to sleep. "Hey, listen Selena, no like I don't appreciate it or anything, but I'm really tired, so do you mind if I go to sleep?" "Oh, right, you're probably exhausted! Yeah, sure by all means!" she said, and with that, clapped her hands and said "Lights out, guys!" 
  11. Okay, folks, I think I'm gonna wrap it up here. You'll get to see how your first day as a child of Aphrodite goes next time.....
  12. Ooh, and one more thing: that preview I gave you? It'll happen next time! Sorry, I couldn't fit it in to this quiz!

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