Keep Calm and Read On Announcement

From looking at the title, just read the quiz. If you've seen my blog then you probably know why I'm making an announcement. Ah, I feel so disappointed in myself right now.

I really just need to fill this paragraph but yeah, I'm really just ahh...I can't even think right now but I know everyone gets this moment once in a while.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Hey guys, so you all know my series Keep Calm and Read On, right? Well, as the title says I have an announcement to probably already know if you checked out my blog.
  2. I'm discontinuing that series because there was only ONE keypoint that I wanted to reach in that series and the more I write, the more complex it became; more than I had imagine. I was probably really ambitious thinking about it but after talking with some people, I realized that I should write what I understand and know; not something that just seems good.
  3. Now, I think it's only fair to tell you what was about to happen...
  4. Basically, you all know that it's a magical love story. In the end, you did find all the gems of ... Mortalis (I already forgot the names...) Suffering would have been found inside of you, Health well, it was at the gym. Enchantment was probably a magic store, peace was probably in the city hall of New York, Energy was a power plant, Horror was a haunted house, Balance would have been the last one when you were fighting Valentin and Madness was an aslyum
  5. Okay, first of all; the main thing that happened after Volume III was that Eros became blind and later on in the story, you would have become Valentin's prisoner for a temporary time; you had a moment. You know, similar to a Draco moment, talking about why you should stand up for yourself and that this isnt the real you and so on...
  6. Brett would have invited you to a concert where his band would be playing, Kenneth is actually a childhood friend who thought he had to become this glamourous guy to get you to like him. Eventually, in the story, you end up with Brett but then you also have moments with Logan and Garrett
  7. Okay, this is the key point that I wanted to focus on; somewhere in the story, Brett's friends start talking about you and you didn't hear Brett defending you but he wanted to but didn't get around to that and you know, how Logan and Brett are the same? Well, you were bottled up with emotions and one day during a battle something happened causing you to have a (btw, you would have had an emotional moment with Logan; "To you, I'm just some character in a book but now that I'm out here, I want to show you that I'm more than that. I know this Brett guy, means a lot to you but I feel that I could do better than him." disappointing defeat, so Eros would probably have one of the gems and then you go rest but then suddenly because of what happened with Brett, Logan takes a look at the encantus and sees...
  8. "You...killed me?" What he read were some of your thoughts to the final battle, this battle was the second last one before fighting Valentin and with your anger, Logan ends up dying during the battle; obviously he's devastated and ends up running away. I really didn't focus on Juliet that much but it would have been more clear to you that Juliet really likes Logan because she plays you in the story and Garrett was that one for comic relief. He would probably the Cedric / Fred & George of the story.
  9. Looking back, I really didn't know what the hell I was writing; you can see how messy this was, honestly, I started writing the series at like 1am in the morning and thought of everything from then on, this is just ridiculous...
  10. So, once again, sorry about this. I will create another series but I won't announce until I really feel passionate about it and I really have a PROPER structure. I'm ready for like the criticism in the comments from people who've seen this but anyways, sorry guys...Honestly, I feel terrible right now.

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