OH MY ZEUS, MICHEAL BUBLE AND DR.PHIL JUST POPPED UP ON MY TV! That was actually really weird. But oh well. So, I'll explain why I made this quiz in the next paragraph.

Well, I've been re-thinking my Story quiz that I've been writing because I don't know if people really like it, and I kind of want to change my last part because I don't know if it was good and blah,blahblah,blahblah, If you haven't read the first 3 parts of my series you can visit my profile and find them there to the right of this paragraph.

Created by: mrtokolover14
  1. Hey, So I've started to write a story quiz, but I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't go on. If you've never read it you can find the link to it in the link to my profile.
  2. My story quiz was just named "Sleeping in Shadows" But I had the first 2 parts listed as "NEW story quiz" Because I didn't know what to name it. At first I was STOKED that people were reading it but now I've had 2 people read it and I'm starting to not like my writing, I don't know whether I should re-do the last chapter or two, or just quit, because I have ideas for it (like I said numerous times) but I'm not sure if I have what it takes to get there.
  3. So, if you wanted to read the first few parts you can, I'm not big on the last one but I don't know. I do have a goal if enough people DO like it though, and I will be sure to put out a new one.
  4. If more people DO read the next part, (which will come out in a few days so keep your eyes peeled) I will hopefully put a part out every weekend, every 2 weekends tops, and I will give everyone virtual cake and bacon.
  5. If no one decides to read my story, I will wallow away and watch YouTubers and eat ice-cream and laugh with Dan and Phil.
  6. Anyway, please, Please PLEASE if you haven't already, read my last 3 quizzes and keep your eyes peeled for "Sleeping in Shadows pt.4" because if you do, I will leave you a present in the top paragraphs.
  7. To fill up these little slots, my Birthday was 2 weeks ago and I got a Panic!At the Disco shirt, and a My Chemical Romance Jacket. (My birthday was April 7th)
  8. I love the show Bates Motel, and I was driving past a comic book shop and saw a LIFE SIZED DALEK!!! (from Doctor Who)
  9. SO, I think I'm done here, Once again, My quiz is "Sleeping in Shadows" for the ones who forgot, (I don't know who since I said it not too long ago but oh well,) And I LOOOOOOVE it when people leave nice comments or constructive criticism, so... criticise away...?
  10. Less than three!

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