NEW!!!Story Quiz Idea PT.2 (Sleeping in Shadows)

Hello, you look quite majestic today! This the sequel to NEW!!!Story quiz idea which is now called "Sleeping in Shadows" The results on todays quiz mean nothing, but future quizzes what you choose will mean a lot as to what the outcome is, so, we've got that covered. Also, you can pick up your virtual food right here that I promised last part.

I have TONS of ideas for what will be happening in future parts, so please do rate and I LOVE seeing your nice comments whether they have tips, suggestions, or whatever. Some times my work gets a bit sloppy because I have to stop and write down ideas I have for future parts. I hope you enjoy, if you read this chances are you can skip the first question. Enjoy!

Created by: mrtokolover14
  1. Hey, so I've got a title for this, "Sleeping in Shadows" Yeah, yeah I know it's a weird title, but it works. So mark it down in a notebook and look on the New quiz list, more details in the paragraphs above, so phew, let's get started you majestic sea ponies!
  2. You woke up, startled that you were dressed in your clothes that you'd normally wear to bed, and that you were in your bedroom, was last night just a dream? No, it was too real to be a dream. You turned to face your alarm to see what time it was "Midday already?" you thought to yourself. Thank Superman it was Saturday. You wearily pushed yourself out of bed and made your way to the kitchen to get something to eat when your phone rang. It was Sami, she had a lot of explaining to do.
  3. "Hello," you answered. "Hey-hey, ______." Sami answered back. She didn't sound anything out of the ordinary, she didn't sound like last night she killed 3 men with her chest.(Well that sounded really creepy)You decided to jump right to the point. "Sami, what happened last night?" You could've made that sound a little less harsh but this was for your own sanity. "Well," Sami started "I had supper, watched the TV, had my pre-bedtime snack-snack..." You cut her off. "Sami, You know what I'm talking about, the car crash, those 3 men, your magic-bra light that killed those 3 guys, WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!" you were getting impatient. She was hiding something, something big that made no sense to you. "I have no idea what you're talking about" Sami replied, sounding genuinely confused. Maybe you were just going crazy.
  4. You hung up your cell phone, you couldn't handle this right now, Sami was not being sincere. You wiped your forehead when you felt it. A small scar was forming where you hit your head when you fell out of the passenger seat of Sami's car. There was some proof that last night HAD happened. And what about Sami's car? Did she carry you home and put you to bed? How did she get in? How did you get dressed in your pajamas? Maybe you just needed some food and some extra sleep. This was all too confusing. The rest of the day you just lazed around the house with nothing to do. You're parents went out to do some shopping. You had the house to yourself the rest of the day. Around 7:00 your body suddenly felt really tired and heavy. You decided to just go straight to bed since you had nothing to do this Saturday night anyway.
  5. As you were sleeping, a dream floated in through the windows of your brain.
  6. You were back at that same, unnamed street that you were last night. It was damp outside and felt like it was going to start drizzling anytime soon. You slowly walked down the street. This time there was another light in the distance, which as you got closer you came to realize was the restaurant. The big glass windows were just bursting with light, drawing you to it. You walked towards the restaurant and peered into one of the windows. You squinted your eyes to see through the light. What you in the window were five silhouettes, just standing there, almost like they were waiting for you, posing. You couldn't see their clothes for faces, but judging by the shape of the silhouette's body they were male. Suddenly, the window started evaporating and so did the figures, along with you. You woke up. You don't know what came over you, it was the same feeling you had before, like someone-or something had taken over your body.You got dressed, half aware of what you were doing, ran out of your bedroom, and soon enough you were out of your front door and back at the cobblestone street.
  7. you slowly walked down the road, and tripped on the pavement, gaining awareness of how slippery it was. The air was damp and seemed to wrap around your lungs. When you caught sight of the restaurant you started to quicken your pace. When you reached the entrance you your heart started to flutter with anticipation. You didn't know what to expect on the other side of the door. Then a thought passed through your head, Why was this place open at-you checked your pockets for your phone to see the time. Shoot, you didn't have it. You slowly pushed open the door as the light poured over your face like a dream, the light almost felt heavenly, it was warm and bright and, almost hypnotizing, like you were a mosquito and this was a bug zapper.
  8. When your eyes adjusted, you saw 3 guys standing there, one was sweeping, one shining glasses behind the bar, and one walking out from an unseen door holding a ton of menus. all were wearing a uniform consisting of black dress shoes, black pants, White long sleeve dress shirts, and vests that had 3 silver vertical lines on the left, and their name tags on the right. The one Sweeping had dark brown, almost black hair that was styled up and hazel eyes. The guy bringing the menus to the front of the restaurant had blonde hair with blue eyes which had an exotic mix of deep purple. And lastly there was another guy with completely black hair which was styled in the 50's hair do, but still looked good, it wasn't slicked back with a bunch of gel, it looked classy. He had bright blue eyes that could stare into your soul. They all stopped what they were doing when they saw you walk in, the 3 of them stood up straight and stood side by side "Sorry, uh, we're closed" the blue eyed one said, blondey nervously shifted on his feet. "I need to be here now though," You blurted out accidently. "And Why is that?" the brown haired, hazel eyed one asked. S**t you thought, what were you going to tell them, You saw them in your dream and then ran down here to see them?
  9. "Um... I need the phone, because, I um, don't have mine" Well, it was true, you didn't have your phone with you, and once again, had no clue how you were going to get back home. "Who would you be able to call at this time of night?" a voice from far away said, then a door a few feet away from you opened and a guy who had light brown hair with natural reddish highlights and green eyes stepped out, a small smile on his face. The door swung behind him and was caught by another guy with light brown hair and natural reddish highlights. he peeked out, showing his bright purple eyes and sighed. "Remember you have a brother who was standing right behind you." He caught glance of you and awkwardly walked over to the other guys, now they were all silently standing there, just like they figures were in your dream. The waited for an answer. To be honest you didn't know how to answer that question, but you didn't need to, because one of the guys spoke up, the one with Dark brown hair and hazel eyes. "Hey, well sit down then, I'll get you a glass of water" He put on a flirtatious grin. "I hope you won't put anything in it." You replied. You took a seat at one of the tables near the window. All of the guys had their eyes glued on you. Then the front door of the restaurant flew open, and you saw an unmistakeable mess of hair walk in. "_______, you made me walk for-"
  10. Sami was at the door, it must have started raining outside because she looked like she just took a shower with her clothes on. She caught herself when she saw that all of the guy's eyes were on her. She looked panicked. She slowly scaled the wall away from the door and looked at them. "Do you need the phone too?" One of the guys said. You weren't able to see which one because all of a sudden there were a bunch of tough looking men of all ages barging through the door and a few broke through the window. Someone grabbed your shoulder, and forcefully pushed you forward, but not enough to make you fall. You tried to yell but it was too loud, it seemed all of the guys were fighting alongside each other, and Sami, where was Sami?! You tried to look through the mess of people throwing fists but were held more tightly by the man behind you, then you felt something cold on your neck, carefully being pressed against it. 'Shiznits' you thought.
  11. Someone had a blade held up against your neck.
  12. *END SCENE* So did you like this part? Sorry If it wasn't that good I was trying to fit the guys in as well as making a good cliff-hanger but also needed you to wake up in the morning, so yeah, what do you think is up with Sami? weird eh? Her and her Magic-killer bra, maybe it could come in handy to save you? We need to have a chat with her. So, keep your eyes peeled for "Sleeping in Shadows PT.3" on the New Quizzes list. And by the way, todays results mean nothing, but they will next time, If you haven't read the paragraph's before the quiz already, please do because I wrote up some info. BYE!

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