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Hey guys! So, I was reading some quizzes or stories online. Okay, story-quizzes. Anyway, I thought 'I can't possibly think of anymore ideas to write about'.

But just as I thought that, I thought of a story idea and here I am writing this to you. Anyway, I came up with a new idea. It has to do with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Since everyone else was doing this I figured I might as well.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. So, after reading other quizzes online I decided that I have more ideas and didn't want to put it all in the 'coming soon quiz' because I figured people who already read it might not read it again.
  2. Anyway, these are just additional ideas
  3. So, I figured I would do another fantasy.
  4. I'll be called 'the girl who lived' or 'my other half' Or maybe not. Still trying to think of a title
  5. can you guess what it's about?
  6. Anyway, it's based off of harry potter except with a slight twist.
  7. The plot and storyline all belong to J.K Rowling. It was NOT my original idea, but since everyone else was making stories about it, I figured I would as well.
  8. Anyway, the heroine (female main character or hero. NOT the drug)is Harry Potters half-sister. Her gaurdians switch from the malfoys to the Weasleys. She looks almost identicle to Harry, scar and all. The thing is, Harry doesn't know of his sister's existance. They were born the same day but James Potter suspected she was his child. She wasn't. When she enters hogwarts in her first year and meets Harry, they become quick friends. But romance interferes between the two and others. And a piece of paper is found in the library that conceals her true identity shows the truth. What will happen to their relationship? (vote for this if it sounds interesting within the comments box, or in the comments box of 'coming soon in 2013-2014')
  9. thats my idea
  10. that's it.

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