Could You Be a Writer?

Do You Think You are a writer? If you do, than take this quiz when your only other option is to play with your little siblings! Cuz you know you can. Shoot for the stars!

If you don't think you can write, than why don't you try? Or do you hate it to death, do you have some secret potential? Try a story about whatever out of school if you score high. Who knows, you could be a bestseller in hiding?

Created by: shadowlove

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  1. Ok, do you like writing? Any kind of it like poetry, nonfiction, fiction, romance, fantasy, etc.?
  2. Do you think you're any good at any type of writing?
  3. Those last two questions have no affect. This one does.
  4. For these following questions, its how often something occurs. Anyways, how often are you not paying attention in class?
  5. Do you fantasize about school (like about crushes, no homework)?
  6. How often do you wish or imagine you had superpowers? Like if you could fly?
  7. Do you read?
  8. Do you play video games?
  9. Do you like to mess with people? Like gossip or spread rumors that are probably false?
  10. How often are you out hanging with friends?
  11. When you were a little kid, how often did you make up stories while playing with toys, no matter how simple?
  12. How often do you write out of school?
  13. Do interesting things happen to you?
  14. If you picked never/rarely, what does interesting mean to you?
  15. Did you like writing before teachers came into the picture?
  16. What do teachers think of your writing?
  17. How do people describe you?
  18. Do you never give up at anything, from sports to popularity?
  19. Ok I am done!

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