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  • Aw, well I do understand what you mean, though it sounds like to me you had a pretty defined plot going on there. However, if you're not as passionate about it and find it difficult to continue, it does make sense. At least your Hogwarts story will continue to stand as a testament to your amazing writing ability :)

  • no prob, i seriously get where you are coming from, i'll miss the series but i understand, the series i'm far in it was on impulse to write it,, and i have no idea where i'm heading with it. But i can't stop it now and let down the people who enjoy it, but now i actually prepare my stories before i start them. So really it's no problem i get where you're coming from

  • I'm sorry you had to cancel, but honestly, I liked the Hogwarts love stories MUCH better. More suspense and drama! ;) DON'T GET ME WRONG!! I LIKED THE QUIZZES!! Just the Hogwarts ones better!

    Can't wait for 33!
    Until then, Chao!!

    Sage Parson
  • Yay first one to comment!! Well I'll kinda miss it I was just starting to get.anyway I love your hogwartslove series and just keep going!! oh and plzz make the quiz about harry's point of view (I feel like I'm the only one who actuactly likes him)

  • Woah.. I never saw this coming. You canceled it?? I must admit that i am really sad at the moment because..i really liked the K.C.A.R.O quizzes but..its ok. I completly understand where your coming from. Just.. Please dont cancel H.L.S beacuse im in love with the quizzes (well thats werid >.>) Well i guess thats all. Oh and im also very sad that Logon had to die ;__; BUT its ok. Cant wait for the next part of H.l.S :)

  • Aww. Thats so sad! (Trying to stay optimistic here) Well, at least you have more time for HLS! Sorry, if that didnt help.


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