Don't You Hate High School part 2

Well, here is part DOS of Dont You Hate High School, highly anticipated by @singin234 and @xxblutixx, but yeah....I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Dont You Hate High School? quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. "Iz-ZY!! Come on, ya slow-poke!" Bianca whined as we were nearing the English classroom. I gave her a warning glance. "Don't rush me," I say in a low tone, "It's Monday. That's never a good day for me." She rolled her eyes and gave me a look. "At the rate you're going, we'll be there by NEXT Monday!" "Fine!" I cried, as I broke into a run. She could barely keep up. I was twenty feet ahead of her, it was easy in the almost-empty hallway. When she caught up to me, she hit me hard on the arm and I looked at her, shocked. "That's for being a show off," she said, hands on her hips. I readjusted my messenger bag strap on my shoulder, grinned at her, and walked in the door.
  2. Most of the class was already there. Bianca and I quickly walked over to two empty desks in the middle of the room, when the door opened with a loud CREAK! and in walked our English teacher. She was a short lady, although you wouldn't be able to tell through her tall high heels. She wore a dark green dress and her dark brown hair was pulled back by a matching headband. She wore a sheer green scarf around her neck, and a smile upon her young, tan face. She flashed white teeth and said, "Good morning, class!" The entire class didn't hesitate in responding, "Good morning, Ms. Marando!" and her smile grew, if that was at all possible. Her warm brown eyes fell on me, and her face lit up. "Well, class, it looks as though we have a new student!" she exclaimed as she waved me up tithe font of the room. I slowly got up- slowly, until Bianca shoved me. "What's your name, sweetheart?" asked Ms. Marando when I reached the front of the room. "Isabelle" I murmured. She gave me a look. "Do you have siblings?" "Uh, yes," I said, thinking of Brianna. "Well then I think you can be a bit louder then that!" I smiled, although halfheartedly, and said, "Isabelle, but you can all call me Izzy." Ms. Marando looked pleased, and told me to go sit down. I heard murmuring behind me- Uh oh. That can't be good.
  3. When I returned to my seat, Ms. Marando began the lesson- on Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favorite topics ever...."Does anyone know what Mr. Poe's inspiration for the poem 'Annabel Lee' was?" she asked, looking a bit disappointed when nobody raised their hand. You wanna know what people used me for back home? Homework. I slowly raised my hand. "Isabelle?" "His wife, Virginia." "And what else do you know about Virginia?" "She was also his cousin. He realized he loved her when her mother was about to send her away. She was 13 and he was 26, an he realized he couldn't live without her." Ms. Marando looked extremely impressed. "Yes..yes! Thank you, Isabelle! Now, does anyone know why the poem was about Virginia- yes, Isabelle?" "She was dying of tuberculosis." "Yes, thank you, Isabelle!" she exclaimed. She went on to ask a billion more questions, and finding answers only in me. When the bell rang, everybody was staring at me, whether in admiration or in jealousy, I could not tell. Bianca was staring at me too. "What?" I asked her, a grin beginning to form on my face. "Oh, nothing, nothing, it would've just been nice to know you're EINSTEINETTE INCARNATE!!!" I laughed at her and she glared at me. I grabbed my bag and we walked down to second period Algebra.
  4. Algebra began the same as English. Teacher introducing me to the class, I'm the only one to raise my hand, yada, yada, yada, but then, I wasn't. I know, it's confusing,, but what I mean is, someone else raised their hand. 'Thank god,' I thought, 'I was starting to think everyone in this cool had never learned a thing a day in their life.' "Yes, Mr. Tucker?" asked my homeroom and algebra teacher, Mr. Salazar. "The square root of pi is somewhere between 1 and 2 because pi is between 1 and 4. It never ends, too," said a dark haired boy. He glanced over at me, giving me a smirk. I looked back at him, uncertain if I should grin back or what. So I just look away. Mr. Salazar went on to ask stupid, easy, 7th grade level questions like, 'What is the square root of 289' and 'What is the formula for finding the volume of a cylinder'. It was ridiculously easy, and the only people who answered questions were me, the kid with the last name Tucker, and occaisionally his blonde- haired friend.
  5. When Algebra ended, as Bianca and I were leaving our seats, the boy and his friend walked up to us. "Hi," said the dark haired boy, "You must be Izzy. Everybody's already raving about your smarts,mandate you've only been here a day." "Yes-Just keep in mind, these are middle-school level questions Salazar was asking us," I replied, and he gave me a smile. "Yeah, I know, but we were the only ones to ever answer, so wha difference does it make?" I shrugged, and his friend cleared his throat. "Oh- um, I'm Eli, by the way," he said, flipping his hair out of his light green eyes, still smiling, "And this is Justin." Eli gestures to his blond friend, smiling at me, his brown eyes intent on my face. I smile back and say, "Nice to meet you." "Listen if you-" "IZZY! Come on!" Bianca calls from the door. I give Eli and Justin an apologetic look, wave goodbye and walk hastily towards my impatient friend
  6. *30 Minutes Later* Bianca has hold of my wrist again, just about to break it. She's pulling me to the Cafeteria. I can smell it, the food. It doesn't smell too bad, and it's not the Hollywood stereotype of food in a High School Cafeteria. We got in line, bought our food, and then she pulled me once more, over to a table with about four girls already sitting at it. "Hey, guys!" Bianca says cheerily, greeting them. One girl looks at me and says, "So THIS is who you've dumped us for, huh, Bianca!" "Very funny, Ally! Girls, this is Izzy!" says Biana. I sit down next to a brown haired girl with green eyes, who introduces herself as Emily. "So where're you from, Izzy?" she asks, after the rest of the girls introduce themselves as Nathalie, Alison, and Jaime. "I'm from _____." "Cool. Did you like it there?" "Yes," I lie, and Emily nods and smiles, totally oblivious.
  7. After lunch, I find myself walking with Bianca and Emily, still laughing at Alison, who had laughed so hard at one of Jaime's jokes, tha milk came out of her nose. "Izzy?" a male voice asked behind me, so suddenly that I jumped. I turned and saw the heart-melting face of Vincent. "H-hi, Vincent," I stutter, as Emily gives me an approving look. He smiles. "Walk with me?" he asks, and I wave goodbye to Bianca and Emily.
  8. How are you?" he asks, as we walk towards the staircase. I cock my head to the side. "I don't know what exactly you mean, but I'm fine. How're you? Was lunch good enough for you?" I ask, almost teasingly. He grimaces. "I'll survive." I laugh and he looks at me weird, but then shakes his head and it's gone. "I've been meaning to talk to you...." he starts, trailing off. "What about?" "I want to get to know you better. Everyones already talking about how nice and smart and....pretty you are. I wanna see if that's all true, and I wanna see for myself." He sounds too determined for his own good. I grin. "Really? Well, you might be surprised. I'm not going to stop you, trust me," I say, when he gets a defiant look on his face, "But just don't say I didn't warn you when you find something you don't like." With that, I smile and wave goodbye and go back to rejoin my friends. I swear I hear, "Oh my god...It's true," behind me as I'm leaving.
  9. I can feel my brows furrow, but I don't double back. When I reach my friends, Bianca wiggles her eyebrows at me and Emily gives a little giggle. "Omg, Izzy! Why're you blushing so hard?!" Alison cries. "What?!" I exclaim. "Hun, your cheeks are bright red," Nathalie says calmly, although she's smriking at me. Emily digs a little compact mirror out of her pocket and hands it to me. Sure enough, my cheeks look like they're on fire. Lovely. "Oh, how wonderful!" I cry. "Well, it could be worse," says Bianca. "How?!" "Well, how about fo starters, Shleby Patterson couldn't be heading this way." All the girls gasp. "Kozlin! I got a bone to pick with you!"
  10. Well, guys, that wraps up part 2 of Dont You Hate High School. I hope you liked it, and also, big thanks to @singin234 and @xxblutixx for being so helpful. I also think while talking we used up like, 6 pages of comments. Well, we talk a lot. So sue us. Lol, so I hope you liked it, and keep your eyes peeled for part 3 and for PJLSpart 13!!!
  11. And as usual, remember to comment, rate and also, I'm always open for questions, comments, and suggestions about my series, so if you have one ofthe above, feel free to email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com, no parentheses. Thanks for reading, I love you all! Bye!

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