Don't You Hate High School?

Well, this is part UNO of Don't You Hate High School. In this edition, you meet L.I. #1, and learn the horrific past of Isabelle Kozlin. I'd say enjoy, but part it is just plain S.A.D.

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Don't You Hate High School quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315
  1. "Isabelle Marie Kozlin! Get your butt down here! You're gonna be late for school!" My eyes snapped open. For a moment, looking at the bright blue walls, the sunlight making them shine, feeling the unusually warm comforter on my arms and legs, I wondered where I was for a second. Then I remembered why this room looked so unfamiliar. It's because I had only called this room 'mine' for about.....48 hours. I had just moved to ______ (state of your choice) two days ago, and I still wasn't used to it. I didn't think I'd ever get used to it...I'm not saying I want to go back to ______ (wherever you live). It was a living Hell back there. I'm just takes a while to adjust.
  2. "ISABELLE MARIE-" "I'm coming!" I cut in. Reluctantly, I swing my legs out of the warm, comfortable bed and set my feet on the cold floor. I bolt for the door and all but run down the stairs. Today is my first day of high school at Whisperwood High. It's November, and I don't know a single soul in this town besides, of course, my parents and 10 year old sister, Brianna. I don't have any friends- not like I had any back in _______.
  3. Let me explain: Back home, my name, Isabelle Kozlin, meant the equivalent of dirt. But at first, it didn't matter, because I had two amazing best friends. Lauren Avidoo and her brother Devin were the best things ever to happen to me. Lauren was like a long-lost sister. we were both obsessed with "Titanic", our favorite band Paramore, and going to Julliard when we grew up. We were always laughing in each others company. As for her brother Devin, he was the best guy to have around. He was helpful, nice, cute, and athletic. He was my first crush, and one day, he confessed feelings for me too. But then life threw me a curve-ball, and one day, I got the worst possible news.
  4. So one day, greeting me with teary eyes and hugs so warm they would make the sun blush, they told me how their parents had gotten better jobs in a state far away. After they left, nothing was the same. My sister was ripped from me, my crush taken. Everyone treated me as though I was an alien from Planet X. I had spent so much time with Lauren and Devin, and now they were gone and I was left with no friends. People thought I was weird, and whenever someone would step up and be nice for once, they were just using me for something. Suddenly, I wasn't a person anymore- I was a toy, to be chewed up, to be destroyed. Nobody EVER stood up for me.
  5. Finally, a gift fro the heavens was sent down to earth. My dad got a new job here in ________. So here I am, just praying I don't get separated out like I have some deadly disease again. *10 minutes later* BUMP! My head once again hits the roof of the car. My hand flies to my french braided-hair, smoothing it down. I also fix my jean-jacket, fiddle with my shirt, and tug on my skirt and the black leggings underneath. I must look as good as possible. Then, Whisperwood High comes into view. It's a large, brown building that seems to stretch on forever. The words "Home of the Warriors" are scrawled in large, purple paint on the front of the building. The small parking-lot is overflowing with cars. My mother can barely scoot by a few students horsing around, shoving each other. She almost hits one, and beeps the horn at him. I'm holding onto the seat for dear life. "Well, have a good day!" my mother says, slightly miffed, as she kisses my head. I raise my eyebrows. She rolls her eyes. "Izzy! Stop worrying! You'll be fine!" I laugh a small laugh and say,"Bye, mom," and get out of the car and into the building as fast as I can.
  6. I half-run in through the large double-doors, and into the room with a sign above it reading 'Attendance Office'. Once the door shuts, a lady with short brown hair, wearing a dark-red suit looks up at me and smiles. "Uh, hi. I'm a new student, and I was wondering if I could get my schedule?" "Why of course! What's your name, sweetie?" "Isabelle Kozlin." After a little typing on the computer in front of her, she walks over to a groaning printer in the corner of the room. "Well, here you are! You're in Mr.Salazar's homeroom! And-" The door suddenly bangs open, and a girl with dark, dark red hair and a serene smile walks in. "Good morning, Mrs.Chapa!" She exclaims, "I just wanted to say hi before I go off to homeroom!" The girl walks over to Mrs.Chapa, still smiling serenely. Her dark red hair and brown eyes shining, she turns to me. "Hi! I'm Bianca! Who're you?" she asks jubilantly, sticking out a pale hand, which I shake uncertainly. "Hi, er, I'm Isabelle-Izzy," I say, and she grins. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Isabelle-Izzy!" Mrs.Chapa seems to notice whats going on and asks Bianca, "Do you think you can show Miss.Kozlin around? After all, you do have most of your classes together," as she examines my schedule before handing it to me. Bianca's eye light up. "Totally! Come on Izzy!" she cries, grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me out the door.
  7. "Man, Izzy, are you lucky I'M the first friend you made here, or-" She starts, shaking her head, her hair flying all over the place. "Wait-what!?" She stops pulling me and turns to face me with a confused look. "We're friends, right? I know, I guess it takes a lot longer then 10 seconds to make a friend, but you gotta sit SOMEWHERE at lunch, don't you?" I instantly relax and give her a huge smile. "Of course. Just, please, don't break my wrist." She laughs and lets go of my wrist, instead hooking her arm through mine. Wow. I've made my 3rd friend in 14 years. I'm on a roll.
  8. Bianca and I walk down the hall, as she explains everything I should know about the school to me. "But don't worry, I'll be there with you! I think something got messed up- we have like EVERY class together!" She exclaims. I nod and say, "Awesome!" We're on our way to the staircase, when I, in a gigundo-klutzy moment, bump into someone, but only I end up on the floor. I look up, to see Bianca, who looks worried, but also like she's trying to hold in her laughter, and also an extremely handsome face, also looking worried. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. His face is not too little, not too much tanned, and his arms are extremely buff, which explains why I'm on the floor. He stretches out a hand to me and helps me to my feet. "Are you alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?" I'm finding it hard to speak at the present moment, but I manage to get out, "No. I'm fine." He's staring into my ______ eyes with his blue ones with such intensity that I think my heart just melted. He suddenly gives me a smile that melts my soul as well. "Good to hear. Are you knew here? I think I'd remember a pretty face such as your own." I'm almost overcome by a fit of giggles, but I press them down and say, "No, I'm new. My name's Izzy. And you are?" My senses are slowly coming back to me. He laughs and I have a strong desire to do the same. "Vincent, and it's nice to meet you, Izzy. I'll see you around." I realize he hadn't let go of my hand until he had walked away. My heart is beating so fast......
  9. I'm standing there, staring at the spot where Vincent had just stood when Bianca waves her hands wildly in front of my face and snaps in my ears. "Helloooooooo? ANYBODY HOME? EARTH TO ISABELLE?" She shouts and I snap out of it and stare at her. She grins back and raises and eyebrow. "Wow....All the other girls gotta watch out for you...." she says admiringly. I cock my head and she waves me off. "Come one, lets just go to homeroom," she says, still grinning, and we're off again. The whole way, I'm thinking about Vincent,comparing him to Devin....And suddenly I wake up what feels like second later to the ringing of the bell. Bianca is staring at me. I notice I'm in a classroom. I jump, surprised. "Wow," says Bianca, her eyebrows raised, "I've never seen someone daydream for THAT long." I give her a look and get up. "Where are we going?" "English with Ms.Marando," she says. I can tell from here it's going to be a long day.
  10. Well, hello, guys! Thanks for reading, and I apologize for the crappiness, I'm half awake right now- It's been a long day. But I still found enough energy to type this, so, yeah. I hope you enjoyed it, and remember to tune in for part 2 coming ASAP, and for part 13 of Percy Jackson Love Story also coming out ASAP. I promise.
  11. And as always, I'm always open to any questions, comments, or suggestions about EITHER of my series, so PLEASE feel free to email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com, with no brackets, if you have any of the above, and also, please comment, rate and KEEP READING. Thanks!

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